• Black LOVE is Power
    28 members led by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess
    This group is for singles to mingle, develop friendships and conscious connections. Please introduce yourself and get to know each other. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or casual dating, join us. Hotep
  • Nothing but TRUTH Book Club
    24 members led by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess
    The whole truth and nothing but the truth
    A real enlightened study group for foundation reading
  • Natural Hair
    45 members led by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess
    Peace family, please share your natural journey with us. Any natural hair care and maintenance tips, resources are welcomed.
  • The National Network of Black Real Estate Wholesalers
    12 members led by Mkali Na Maarufu
    Real estate is one of the greatest and fastest tools for achieving wealth. Real estate wholesaling is a NO-MONEY-DOWN technique for REAL ESTATE INVESTING. The National Network of Black Real Estate Wholesalers group's purpose is to enlighten brothaz and...  more
  • The Urban Lounge.
    11 members led by Ottist Flournoy
    Welcome to the Urban Lounge. A place where good friends (and grown folks) come to meet and hang out. Aside from great conversation, we play music, games and schedule activities, just another way for you to share your personality. If you are sensitive...  more
  • Conscious Conversations
    25 members led by Ottist Flournoy
    Peace and welcome fam. we invite all Truth seekers and knowledge bearers to come and share for the advancement of wisdom and education. This group will is for mature and serious discussions of our history, Current state, and future endeavors of the...  more
  • TIPGAS (The Inner Playhouse for the Grown And Sexy
    1 member led by Tehuti Imhotep Septepen-RA
    A group of Eclectic Thinkers, and Where YOU have FREEDOM to Post What You Want!!!
    19 members led by Peter Brown
    African Global Academy for Virtualized Education

    This initiative seeks to pull all African Home schoolers curriculums together into a static,backed up Virtual university for us and by us.
  • Heritage Sportscasting Exchange (HSE)
    1 member led by Alvin Washington Jr
    HSE is designed to give the African-American sportscaster a stronger edge in advancing his or her career in the sports media business.
  • Black Afrikan Infrastructure
    7 members led by Mark Gonney
    There are two things needed before you can do anything for Black Afrikan people as a collective; A CONSENSUS among the intelligentsia & a MANDATE from the people.

    What is needed is a clear and concise message cutting across all ideological and social...  more