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  • Maadwo AbusuafoO (Good evening family members),
    You are cordially invited to participate in the AKOMA NTOASO TOUR 2014, an Afurakan centered agricultural tour of Jamaica which takes place annually in the month of August. We offer daily excursions to OURStorical sites in Jamaica that relate to the TRUEStory of Afurakan people from this Caribbean region. WE also provide herbal teas & wholistic health consultations of various kinds for Healing and Rejuvenation of the Afurakan mind, body and soul.

    During your stay with the AKOMA NTOASO Collective in Jamaica, WE will be attending various cultural events, national heritage sites, festivals, organizations and celebrations in the island. All of these excursions will be specifically related to the dominant & prevalent Afurakan culture of Jamaica & the Caribbean region! In addition to that, we will be hosting a workshop called "Asase Ye Duru" during the AKOMA NTOASO TOURS 2014, which will focus on the indigenous role and responsibility of the Afurakan woman now and in antiquity. ALL nature lovers will have the opportunity to walk with US through the serene countryside of Jamaica & visit small locally owned farms, learn about indigenous agriculture, herbology and medicinal practices and we will also be taking Our guests on nature walks through small districts in the island.

    WE also offer assistance to Afurakans in the diaspora who would like to resettle and invest in the rural economy, via land development kwk. ALL of our affiliates and collective members are Melanin (Black) dominant Jamaicans, and we support the local Afurakan economy exclusively. ALL financial transactions will be done in the local Jamaican currency. There is MUCH, MUCH MORE that We will be offering OUR Global Afurakan community, so please know that this is just a “TASTE” of what WE intend to provide.

    However, the PURPOSE of AKOMA NTOASO TOURS is to Expose and Educate the Afurakan World on the Resilient & Powerful Legacy of OURStorical Truth in Jamaica, as it has NEVER been told or seen before….

    IF you are UNaware of the Legacy of The Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Ohemmaa (Queen) Nanny, Agya (Fawda) Paul Bogle, Baba (Fawda) Sam Sharpe, Miss Lou (Louise Bennett), Empress Imogene “Queenie” Kennedy and Many Other Afurakan-Jamaicans who are commonly UNknown to the world, you will surely learn about them and their Story during your stay with the AKOMA NTOASO TOUR 2014.

    WE encourage you All to reach Out to US if you are interested in attending the AKOMA NTOASO TOUR 2014 at www.akomatours.yolasite.com. Please note that we welcome infants, children, adolescents, (All of whom must be accompanied by atleast one parent) the elderly and we provide special packages for school trips and excursions.

    A registration process & phone or Skype interview is required to book your stay with US. Please contact Yaya Kentake Malopenza for more information at akomatours@gmail.com. Meda ase na Abibifahodie! (Thank you and Afurakan Liberation!)

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