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  • This Business Opportunity is worldwide, international, and global. Hello!!! My name is Angela Akinbohun. I want to create my own direct sales company (social selling). I am looking to hire men, women, and teenagers to help me sell: home and business security alarms, home and business surveillance CCTV, and smart home automation; and alarms and  detectors (fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, methane); personal alarms and panic buttons (medical help and safety devices); and medical jewelry and medical USBs/ zip drives; and self defense products. Eventually I would like to sell cryptocurrency/ digital money, real estate sales, car/ auto sales, travel & lifestyle club, financial services, banking, and insurance (life insurance, medical insurance, cosmetic surgery insurance, reconstructive surgery insurance, elective surgery insurance, vision and eyeglasses insurance, hearing aid insurance, pet insurance, medical discounts card, car insurance, home owners insurance, renters insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, divorce insurance, umbrella insurance, legal insurance, I.D. Theft insurance, supplemental insurance, funeral insurance, final expense insurance, college savings insurance, annuities, disabled child or spouse trust fund insurance). I would also like to sell other products through an online virtual shopping mall (e-commerce, m-commerce) like makeup, cosmetics, skin care, bath & body products, shaving products, spa products, beauty devices, at home cosmetic surgery devices, vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, functional beverages, etc., and more. I am going to approach some professional people about setting up my direct sales company. Kevin Thompson MLM lawyer, Babener & Associates MLM , The Sheffield Group MLM, Service Quest Global The Direct Selling Experts, Craig A. Flemming at Launch Smart MLM, small business/ entrepreneur, startups mentoring, and Empowered Women International EWI (start your own business). My company will not be a pyramid scheme, will not be a ponzi scheme, will not be a scam, will not be a fraud. We will not use a traditional MLM pay compensation plan. We will not use infinite downlines or uplines. We will not sell over priced, low quality products, that no one wants or needs. We will be set up like a corporation (sales career company). If you qualify and also complete job training you might be able to set up your own team. Achieve time and financial freedom and independence. Spend more time with your family, friends, children/ kids, pets, traveling, and hobbies. Work for yourself but not buy yourself. Six figure income potential. Seven figure income potential. Eight figure income potential. No income guarantees. You will be selling products not just recruiting. My company will be supported by ads/ advertisements and marketing. My online videos and online marketing/ SEO will help you sell (+ plus direct marketing). Contact me about becoming a founding member. Contact me about my potential crowdfunding campaign. Give me your full legal name and nick name, your home phone number, your mobile cell phone number, your date of birth, your home address, and the name of your employer, university, and church/ house of worship. My business email is: