For Honor team Finds and delivers by mmotank

  • The devs at For Honor saw that and were touched by the post. In the current patch notes, Ubisoft mentioned that the forthcoming addition of a new Raider'bot' -- AI-driven heroes which are inserted to For Honor games in case a participant drops or wants to hone their abilities -- into the For Honor game. Here was the developer comment:

    After studying FatMooch69's remembrance of the fallen comrade that our dev team quickly got behind the notion of immortalizing'B' from the For Honor game as a bot. After reaching out for more details on the actual'B', we called the Bot'TheeLizardWizard' in honour of B's favourite nickname, and left him a Raider, because he had been B's main. So in the event that you see"TheeLizardWizard" charging at you at the heat of battle, pay him tribute by giving him a good fight!

    This tribute has been obtained extremely positively by the neighborhood. Community-developer interaction is often a concern among For Honor gamers, and sometimes it feels as the player base doesn't get enough attention. Ubisoft educated their fans who eyes are all on them. It's also a great indicator of just how brilliant the neighborhood is on Reddit and other websites.

    More revenge

    This patch includes a lot of exciting changes and fixes for your community. The first significant change is the growth of Revenge -- a mechanic where a hero can obtain extra hit points at a situation where they're being ganged up on -- to the tune of nearly double. The devs stated in a comment:For Honor Steel Credits

    The intention with this increase would be to allow folks survive better when in Revenge. We believe that in 120 HP, it must lessen the efficacy of the"death ball behavior". We discovered that top players had a high survivability once the Revenge Shield was 70, so we believe that at 120 it should have only a slight effect on high quality play, while making Revenge a much more useful tool in most skill levels.

    Longer revives

    The next change to be executed was an increase in time required to revive a teammate. If a Hero is killed without being executed, they can be restored by an ally to get a limited quantity of time. This previously took three seconds to finish, with this patch increasing that to four. The reasoning for this is as follows:Currently, we feel it can be too hard to avoid an opponent from reviving an ally. With this growth, all characters should now have a simpler time to do so.