MapleStory 2 is just nothing like the first game

  • In MapleStory 2, there's you don't have to remain on one map and grind creatures for hrs on finish as with the game. Though quests felt like useless in MapleStory, its sequel's storyline quests are virtually mandatory for leveling up. Your personality levels naturally from doing the storyline quest, as with Final Fantasy XIV or other MMO that is modern and only just. This is one of the greatest ways in that MapleStory is performing the current creation MapleStory 2 Mesos.

    The follow up promotes resource management . Rather than spamming your most powerful skill and counting on a dog to immediately refill your health and mana, you truly need to be careful about your"soul" levels and strategically make use of your skills to refill them. This is likely to produce the game harder compared to first MapleStory, no matter how the ability rotations you must do to maintain your soul up are not complex, such as another MMOs. The first game's combat will acquire a little mind-numbing when taking lower competitors, but dodging area-of-effect skills on the 3D map and looking after soul can force you to pay more attention in MapleStory 2.

    Every one of these changes makes MapleStory 2 seem like a much better follow up rather of the 3D rendition. If you are currently looking to slay some pigs and conduct some raids, this is the game for you personally. But if you want to only grind all day and night, you have to keep to the MapleStory.

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    I left a Hayato, and folks tell me it's an awful class. I really enjoy the maplestory abilities. They said it does not do damage, and it seems alright. They state that it hsa no mobility, but besides being unable to double jump my own motion seems fluid. Does game drops off into an unplayable stae or some thing?

    Additionally, I just made a Hayato.I have a Hero as my chief. With very good funds, fully selfbuffed I reach 1.5m Range. Switching gears and equipping my Hayato very well also got Ahold of a very well scrolled Fafnir weapon.My first idea on this job was that it had been extremley fun course, the mobility, how you move through mobs is insane. Specially compared to a hero.

    However, the damage. Is a joke. I'm lvl 150 using 300k range. I don't pass lines ! I recall with my hero hitting lvl 150 I had 100k range at best and solo had the blackheart at DIpq. With my hayato? The course seem nice except for the complete and utter joke of Damage% abilities.It has insane mobility, good atk speed. Well HP, very dodgy. But damage is non existant. It doesn't scale.I know you think that it's nice levling out of 1-150 with sterile equips but it's since the mobs you're facing are weak at that Point.