Flotation machine Flotation Column


    In general, before buying a new flotation device, it is necessary to test the machine before it is put into production to see whether each function is functioning normally. We call this a trial operation. Then, when it comes to commissioning and load operation, what should be noted.

    Trial operation: After the flotation machine is assembled, clean water is injected for at least 2 hours of running test. During the test, the operation of the Flotation Machine should be smooth and flexible, no noise, no friction, no vibration, the seal of the lubrication parts without leakage, the tank body does not leak, the bearing temperature rise is not more than 30 degrees, the maximum temperature does not exceed 60 degrees .

    Load operation: The load test should be performed after the user is running normally. During the load test, it is required that: the foam scraper works normally, the rotation is stable, the impeller rotation is stable, flexible and reliable, the tank body is not allowed to flow out of the material trough and the gate and the intermediate groove, the bearing temperature rise is not higher than 35 degrees, the maximum temperature Not more than 65 degrees.

    The advantage of commissioning is that once an abnormal situation arises, it can be discovered and resolved in advance to avoid unnecessary losses in formal production.

    Flotation column is an inflatable flotation machine that inflates and agitates pulp by passing compressed air through porous media. It is widely used in the market and has been favored by customers. Since the 1980s, many countries have intensified their research on flotation columns and a number of relatively new flotation columns have emerged.

    The new flotation machine Flotation Column, compared to the traditional flotation column in the past, has the following advantages.

    (1) Inflatable methods and materials are diversified, inflation performance is continuously improved, and the service life is gradually extended;

    (2) Using a variety of new flotation technologies and methods such as electricity, magnetism, vacuum, and dissolved gas;

    (3) Adopt a higher level of automatic control technology;

    (4) The scope of application continues to expand.

    Our flotation tank solvent is 240m3, diameter is –4.5m, height is 16m, production capacity is 30m3/min, flotation machine flotation column with model number of -240 is the world's largest specification. The equipment department can reduce basic investment, production costs and improve technical indicators.