Scentual Healing Aromatherapy

  • Scentual healing provides the black community with a better, natural and safer way to relieve common health problems that affect the mind and body. Our products are essential oil based, which makes our products superior to pharmaceutical drugs that can sometimes cause kidney damage and other health problems after long-term use. Use Scentual healing products to treat pain, joint swelling, prostate, menopause discomfort, children behavioral problems, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleeplessness and more

    • High Blood Pressure Treatment is a natural way to reduce borderline high blood pressure. It is ma­de of pure ingredients that are safe, non-habit forming and improve circulation.

    • Natural asthma treatment that relieves:

      • Wheezing
      • Shortness of breath
      • Coughing
      • Insomnia
      • Anxiety
    • Controls aggressive behavior.

      Soothes the mind.

      Improves focus.

      Easy to use

      Non-habit forming.


      Recommended for children 5 years and older

    • Depression relief is safe, natural and non-habit forming. It helps to naturally relieve:


      Mood swings
      Improve energy

    • Diabetes treatment is a natural product that:

      Improves circulation
      Balance blood sugar levels 
      Stops feet infections

    • Relieves itching

    • Energizer for children is a natural product that;

      • Improve low energy
      • Increase concentration
      • Improves children’s mood
      • Reduce fatigue
      • All natural
    • Energizer works to:

      Increase energy
      Mental clarity.

    • Fertility treatment for women helps to:

      Balance Reproductive Hormones
      Regulates the menstrual cycle
      Tones the uterus
      And prepare­ the uterus for conception.

    • Fibroid treatment is a safe and natural product that

      Reduce bloating
      Heavy periods
      Abdominal pressure
      And other symptoms associated w­ith Uterine fibroids.

    • Focus helps children;

      • Improves concentration
      • Memory
      • Natural ingredients
      • Easy to use roll-on tip
      • Non-habit forming


    • Relieves pain associated with;

      Tension headache
      Sinus headache
      No harmful side effects.<­/p>


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