Business Development & Marketing

  • I am Lynn M. Miller, CEO of Lynn Miller Associates, LLC (LMA). LMA is a Business Administration, Development & Consultation Firm. My proven LMA Business Services have the range and flexibility to better organize any of your management and business processes or functions.

    My Background
    In 2004 I started my own company, Lynn Miller Associates (LMA). It began as a small resume, term paper, and virtual assistant to small business owners. Now I have expanded LMA to a full service Business Development, Management & Marketing firm. I offer several business solutions to fit any of your business needs. I offer you the experience of High-Quality Professional Assistance, Expert Technical Knowledge, and 5 Star Customer Service with 24 Hour Support Systems. I offer an excess of 30 years’ experience in Business Systems design, implementation and management. My capabilities include Virtual and On-Site Assistance & Management, Corporate Event Planning & Coordination, Professional / Personal Social Media Marketing & Image Development, Public Relations Media Development, Digital Marketing & Campaign Design. You can experience No Stress Business Planning, Processing & Marketing. I can take you from Administrative Overload to Operational Excellence, from a Project Proposal to an In-Depth Global Business Plan, from a Corporate Website to an Internationally Renowned Web Presence, from Social Networking to Worldwide Social Media Branding & Marketing. I simply love building and running a small business and the feel of offering 30+ years of experience and actual hands on knowledge, which makes me uniquely qualified as a skilled business development consultant and marketer.

    Services include (not limited to):
    * Social Media Corporate Image & Brand Development / Management
    - Business / Group / Cause - Page Creation, Technical Content Development & Coordination
    * Private & Non-Profit Event Planning & Coordination / Management
    - Public Relations Media / Event Website Design & Content Development
    - Digital Marketing & Campaign Design
    - Corporate Level Concierge Services
    * Digital Media Design / Marketing
    - Dynamic Multimedia Presentations, Projects and Portfolios
    * Desktop Publishing & Design
    - Presentation Packages, Hand-outs, Handbooks, Brochures, Fliers, Corporate Stationery

    Please feel free to contact me today:
    Lynn M. Miller
    Phone: (646) 470-8612

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