Interim Management Services

  • JCG Business Management and Operations Contract Services

    Operations and Performance Improvement

    Jackson Consulting Group offers to its prospects and clients Business Management and Operations Interim Management services. This service provides clients with an Interim Management Team to operate the business for the owners for a minimum of six months.
    Quik Turn Program
    JCG’s Quik Turn Program is a holistic, cross-functional approach, that focuses on quickly identifying high impact opportunities for EBITDA and cash flow improvements across the entire organization.
    It is a multi-phased program that begins with the identification and quantification of performance improvement opportunities related to revenue, cost of goods sold, selling general and administrative expenses, working capital and cash management. An action plan is designed with assigned roles and responsibilities along with an implementation schedule. Immediate action is taken for ‘quick hits’ followed by further action on major initiatives and organization-wide changes. All actions are done in conjunction with management before transferring ownership and knowledge to client personnel. Quik Turn is a holistic, cross-functional approach, that focuses on quickly identifying high impact opportunities for EBITDA and cash flow improvements across the entire organization.
    Manufacturing and Logistics
    The largest proportion of costs for many companies are ‘direct’ costs, including either products, production or labor. Established sourcing relationships, ingrained operational planning and well-worn manufacturing techniques have often evolved organically as a business grows, leading product design and engineering decisions to become deeply layered and complex.
    In other cases, supply chains have become intricate and unnecessarily diverse, with logistics operations and networks trapping inventory and absorbing working capital. Maximizing gross margin requires the identification of these hidden opportunities, as well as the development and rapid execution of initiatives that lower cost, while maintaining or improving quality and customer service, and releasing cash into operations.
    Our professionals, who possess years of direct line management and operating experience, create a sense of urgency, challenging and redirecting companies toward high-impact initiatives that deliver accelerated reductions in direct costs and associated improvements in margins.
    Our Manufacturing and Logistics services include:
    • Operations and Process Optimization
    • Logistics Planning
    • Production Planning and Process
    • Labor Cost Management
    • Sourcing and Supplier Management
    • Quality Improvement
    • Service and Warranty Optimization
    • Materials Cost Reduction
    • Product Design Optimization
    • Supply and Outbound Logistics
    • Terms and Conditions
    SG&A Cost Reduction
    With pressures on companies arising across the board, corporate overhead is often the first area of spending to be targeted with outsourcing, off-shoring and headcount reductions. The efforts aimed at Finance, IT, HR and other corporate functions bring spending caps and headcount freeze, which are quickly imposed.
    Our Performance Improvement professionals work alongside management, and / or serve in interim management roles while developing and executing comprehensive overhead reduction and right-sizing programs aimed at driving improved operating margins, cash flow and EBITDA across the business.
    Our Overhead Optimization services include:
    • Staff and Span of Control Right-sizing
    • Shared Services and Outsourcing
    • Indirect Spend Management
    • HR, Payroll, Benefits and Training
    • Sales and Marketing Overhead
    • IT Applications and Infrastructure
    • Finance and Administration Efficiency
    • Risk Management
    • Management Reporting and KPIs
    Revenue and Margin Growth
    In today's challenging economy, many businesses are reorienting their top-line strategies as a means to deliver the most impact to the bottom-line. Maximizing the return on investment from sales and marketing activities requires the implementation of quick action plans that, at the same time, incur the lowest cost to the organization.
    JCG's revenue enhancement professionals work with a sense of urgency to develop and implement comprehensive sales and marketing plans that center on executing high-impact initiatives at an accelerated pace.
    Our Revenue and Margin Growth services focus on Top Line Growth Acceleration, Quality of Revenue Improvement and Sales and Marketing Efficiency Spend with capabilities including:
    • Product and Customer Profitability
    • Segmentation and Focus
    • Channel Management and Effectiveness
    • Pricing Strategy and Customer Terms
    • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
    • Customer Relationship and Targeting
    • Portfolio and Product Management
    • Order Management and Delivery
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Forecasting and Demand Management
    • Customer Service Strategy

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