No Bull Toilet Tissue = Group Buying Power BLACK CONSUMERS COO

  • During the month of August we need you to join and share efforts to form black cooperatives.  Here is the first one. There is a $10.00 lifetime membership fee, the benefits outweigh the nominal fee. 

     No Bull Toilet Tissue = Group Buying Power BLACK CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE
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    We believe it is time for Black folks to stop marching and start organizing to harness our group buying power.
    For example, the first product the Black Consumers co-op plans to sell is toilet tissue… something everybody needs. The co-op will sell its ‘NO BULL Toilet Tissue’ brand on-line and through a network of independent retail distributors in major cities.
    The average household uses 6 rolls of toilet tissue a month. There are over 14.7 million Black households, so we consume over 88 million rolls of toilet paper each month. That means Black consumers spend more than $250 million a year on toilet paper.
    Imagine what is possible once we consciously take control of our spending through organized cooperative efforts. We must start with something simple, like buying the same toilet paper.
    We believe that a co-op is the best structure for Blacks to prosper as a group for our mutual benefit because each member is also an owner entitled to one share and one vote.
    Help us turn this simple idea into reality. Tell a friend and share.
    You are one in a million !!!
    Marcus Farrow President & CEO
      "Unity is the great need of the hour.

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