Beyonce dropped her album...

  • Beyoncé dropped an album yesterday morning with no promotion or advertising. She just spent virtually zero dollars on marketing her new album, knowing her fans would market it for her. Want proof? Just look at your social media timelines.

    She's relying on her fans to spread the word about the album for it to sell. Her fans are telling other people about the album which will make her millions of dollars. She will however NOT be sharing any of the profits with them. All her fans NETWORKED to MARKET her album for FREE.

    Let that sink in.

    Now imagine if Beyoncé paid you every time someone bought her album based on conversations you had and posts you made. That would be Network Marketing.

    Just like Beyoncé, Network Marketing companies let you NETWORK and MARKET their products instead of paying for promotion and advertising... but unlike Beyoncé, they SHARE THE PROFITS WITH YOU.

    Every month Network Marketing companies SHARE a large percentage of their sales with their distributors... to the tune of over $65 BILLION in 2012!

    How much did Beyoncé share?


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