• It's No Accident why Strangers (Foreigners) who Live within (Among) us in our Communities Own Everything. Lend (Sell) us Everything we Need. Think about it.

    Ladies: When you Need your Hair weave, Nails Done Who Lend you the products you need? Who Mostly Take care of you in the Nail shop?
    When you need to go to the Bank, Grocery Store...Which Nation of people owns the Store you from?

    Men: Take a look at everything you Have on and Own...Which Nation of people owns it? When you need a Job, Loan...Which Nation of people lend you what you need? When you need ya Liquor...who usually owns that Liquor Store.....Who Cashes yo Check?

    Street Thugs: When you Buy you Red and Blue Rag don't you go to the Chinese Store? That Hood you Claim is yours...which One of yo Gang members Owns all the stores?...Since it's your Hood? That Car you your People own that Car Company?

    Facebook: Why is it that when we look in the Black Community...we own NOTHING as a Nation of people..unless its like a Fraternity owning it....but as a Nation what do we own in Any So called Black Community? Why do Foreigners come in and set up shop Mostly in our communities?

    Facebook...What If I told you that it's actually an answer for this.
    In order to Fully understand why this is Happening...You Must First wake up to Your True Identity.
    It's something that these Foreigners..KNOW about you...that you have NOT FIGURED out yet.

    Let's Focus on Deuteronomy 28:43-44 (King James) The Bible Foretold this Prophecy.

    Deuteronomy 28:43 "The stranger (Foreigner) that is within (Among) thee (You) shall get up ABOVE thee VERY HIGH; and thou (You) shalt come DOWN VERY LOW"
    Deuteronomy 28:44 "He (Foreigners) shall LEND to thee, ...and thou shalt NOT lend to him: he shall be the HEAD, and thou shalt be the TAIL."

    This is self explanatory (Deuteronomy 28:15-68) Talks about what was going to happen to our people for Not Keeping the commandments. The Strangers who live among us know and understand this very well.....Even if they don't tell you...They its time you wake up to who u are..and understand as well.

    ......go watch my videos with a King James bible..learn who you are...


    ~Judah Moshe

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