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  • Clarence Middleton Best way to Own what people typically spend at is the S&P 500. It hold all the top consumer, energy, transportation based company stocks all in one place. s&p 500

    Clarence Middleton betting on individual stocks as a novice is a bad move. Index funds or diversified mutual funds are the best strategy for a novice. especially using a 401k, IRA or Roth.

    Kimberly Robinson Share that information. We should be doing more than posting memes in here.

    Clarence Middleton Either the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Find a Mutual fund that track these and your good.

    Clarence Middleton And here is one of the Best Books on Investing:

    Clarence Middleton Open an Account with Capitol Investing:

    There you can create an investing account. Go to the Fund option to pick funds.

    Clarence Middleton Best Info is in books. ton of bad investing info online.

    Clarence Middleton It's Free to open a Capitol one investing Account!... 100% Free. you only pay for your trades which are $6.95 cents each!

    They also have a monthly trading option that allows you 4 auto trades for only $12 :

    And All Stocks are available on the site, Every Single Stock in the World!!

    Clarence Middleton I'm a novice with cars, so I got to a professional mechanic.

    Instead of trying to do investments yourselves, I would recommend going to a professional... One you can meet in person!!!

    Stay away from online advise because they are a lot of people who earn a commission from the advise they give you, even it's it's bad.

    Clarence Middleton Brah, Warren Buffet never said "invest in companies you know of". He say the opposite. When a Company is Famous it's price is already high. You are supposed to buy Value Investments when you picking individual stocks.

    But if you're a passive investor, just pick a Index fun.

    Clarence Middleton Buying Appl when it's high with a 100 P/E is the worse thing you can do as a investor.

    But if you can find a deal on a stock with good cash flow, asset to debt, dividend and a low P/E then you've found a good deal.

    The average person doesn't know that type of stuff, That's why they can buy Mutual Funds or Index fund to have professional investor working on their behalf.

    You don't need a Broker for a Mutual Fund. An Oppenheimer Fund can be start with as little as $200 dollars.

    People giving out bad investment advice could be setting people up for failure "just like housing advice in 2008".
    Consult a Professional when dealing with financial investment.

    Also Affiliate marketer get paid for referring people. It's not a bad hustle to be an affiliate "i'm one" but make sure the recommendations fit the needs, and expertise level of the people your sending to your affiliate links, Especially black people.

    Clarence Middleton Options are for the Professional, experience, savory investor, not new people Average person would lose in Options

    Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess Ok I am still confused, I signed up on Capital One. But it says the dow and sp&500 aren't options on the site, so whats next?

    Clarence Middleton You could make more money as an Amazon Affiliate Promoting Hidden Colors and other Black Empower DVD's and books. Just an FYI..

    Clarence Middleton Oya, search: VFINX

    Clarence Middleton I wouldn't teach people who are novice, I would just recommend they read first. Education is best.

    Two Books I would recommend are:
    1. Investing or Dummies:
    2. Mutual Funs for Dummies 

    Best thing for a noob in investing is to get educated. There are some good book I recommended that would educate them so they can fully understand the stock market and mutual funds.

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