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  • Jodicius Aurelius 666 is not necessarily an evil thing, I mean, it's only considered evil if you're superstitious. 666 is the numerical representation of the physical reality, the carbon based reality, otherwise known as the Carbon Matrix. Someone mention the so-called time traveller, John Titor supposedly from 2036, when in actuality, he is a CIA agent running psych-op called Operation Mandela and it has been in effect since 1969, and replaced Project Monarch in 1972 [the great year of convergence] which is the same year ARPANET becomes the Internet and the year the construction of CERN facilities are completed, which is why they use the 666 logo to commemorate the completion of the third stage of development of the collider rings and it's graphene solid state mega-server to support the world wide web [gematria confirms www] only 18 years after it was initially established to bring the isolated military communications signal into the public sector under the moniker "Internet", which it was originally supposed to be completed in 1974, but the discovery of Thorium as a nuclear fuel allowed for CERN to be completed two years early and under budget. The first major accomplishment of CERN after the completion of its facilities, was the discovery of neutral currents in the Gargamelle bubble chamber, which went into operation 1969 while the other facilities were still being constructed. However, if you've been watching the Agent's of Shield, all this stuff is briefly referenced as it shows you the Rise of Hydra, which could be a play on words for the hadron collider, and it's briefly referenced in the Flash series with the particle accelerator explosion, and it was also referenced in Eagle Eye and Terminator as well under the name Sky-Net, and it was referenced in the tv show Continuum, and it was also referenced in one of Scifi's longest running shows, Star Gate. However, aside from the shows, this is why there is no such thing as a browser that does not trace you. All browsers trace you, because all browser interface to the world wide web which is complete military control, unless you use the deep web , which is a hidden network in the sub-frame of the commercial web, you have no anonymity, no matter what browser, or computer you use. The moment you interface to the commercial world wide web, which by the way, in gematria is also 666, you are tracked.There is actually nothing bad about 666. The only reason people think that its bad is because of the bible. However, if we want to discuss the genetic argument, then we'd be getting somewhere. Now, back to the John Titor case, if you don't believe me, just get the book Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank 1959 just 5 years after the CERN project begins. Which is really all about altering perception of reality, which is why the moon landing was faked, they've been showing you a fake ball-earth since childhood, people are more inclined to believe what they see on tv or in the media no matter how preposterous it may be, and I haven't even covered the cloning and the chimera project and how it fits into this argument. I have old military buddies that can make many of you cringe if you knew the truth of your reality, and knew the truth about channelers, oracles, precognitives, and other gifted individuals that are born with certain gifts, but through childhood are bombarded with certain stimuli that stunts their ability to tap into those gifts, which ties into the MK-Ultra and Monarch programming, and the food pyramid that kids your children malnourished, and why holistic health and nutrition is considered the alternative medicine instead of primary medicine, and the reason all goes back to perception but that's another story.
    Jodicius Aurelius much of this stuff doesn't belong on fb, because the moment you get to talking about certain topic like the chimera project, you start getting breaks in your signal, and I'll show you a screenshot of what I'm talking about if you go to the wireless settings on your computer, tablet or phone, and wait for the FBI Van to pop up in your signal, or TB Proprietary Channel, you'll know they've been accessing your information, maybe through one of your phone apps, or at the LAN hub that distributes the internet signal to your area, meaning they've tapped into the IP that services your area, like or address when you log into your router. I have an email from a friend of mine I was in the Navy with, and he got out and is a private contractor now, but still works close to some military projects. I'll post it up later and it should put some things into perspective, he goes into the cloning argument heavy, and the channeling energy stuff and he's the guy that put me on to chemtrails about 13 years ago when I was still a denier, because before he told me about them, like most people, I had never seen one, because, like most people, I thought they were plane exhaust. However, when I post it up, I can only leave it up for about 12 hours, so I don't make too many waves for my friend, because the places he talks about are so specific, certain onlookers would know exactly where to trace him back, so please read promptly the moment I post it.
    Jodicius Aurelius "Tensho, I must make you aware of certain happenings, many of your kind, speaking of channellers and open conduits who are the righteous teachers, probably reincarnated or repurposed consciousness from either the future or past are being rounded up and thrown in mental institutions where you are sedated, and cloned, and if they do release you, it'd be because they've discredited you already. There are some whites who are hybrids of God and neanderthal who have the melanin and are being awakened by our ancestors, so If they are white, do not completely dismiss them. To give you an example, Noel Ignatiev is one, but he does not have the whole truth. This is why they created CERN, to suppress the rising kundalini energy of the earth plane and prevent the masses from entering the gate of sight which allows you to see beyond the grand illusion. This rising kundalini energy has been rising for a while, the elites call it global warming, but it's really the return of the Naga Consciousness to humankind [The African], which takes the blinders of this reality off, exposing the perpetrators of perdition. It reminds me of the bible passage, the devil knows he has but a short time. You must protect yourself. If you hang around certain places or people, you'll be drained, and you'll fall from consciousness. The scouts will be sent just to shake you up. If at any point you felt a tingle in your spine going down, it was because he will be attacking your lower primal chakra network which only reacts to fear and pleasure. Saps your crown energy and converts it into fear. Such is suggestive of the fear of rape, prison or death, which temporarily shuts down the crown chakra and forces you to make decisions out of primal instinct (survival) from your lower chakra. The scout will likely be a non-shifter, a mk3 or mk4 which is why a face to face has to be done manually and through a third channel. Just being used as a vehicle and a receiver for the higher transmission from the invisible master or multiple masters. They're all talking normal like an actual person, then they zone out for a second, and when they come back, they're in left freaking field like they just walked out of Cobra Commander's cloning machine and had a system malfunction, but no its them. In my city, it's like invasion of the freakin body snatchers. Beware of people who stare too much or are seemingly trapped by the mobile phone or take an excessive amount of selfies. Clones mk3, mk4, and mk5 have a short half-life, especially mk4s and mk5s which only live between 5 and 10 years which is why they have to make so many different versions of the same person and they love taking selfies. I dated one a little over decade ago and one day I looked into her eyes and it was almost as if they were completely glossed over like a porcelain doll, she had lapses in memory, and developed a heavy drinking problem and one day it was like I woke up next to freakin 70 year old. I was completely oblivious to any of this stuff, then suddenly I started noticing that glassy eyed look everywhere. Even had me questioning myself on whether or not I was a clone. Then I seen this girl one day just about 2 or 3 years ago and she just kept staring at me, and I could feel it and she asked me where she knew me from as if we never had a relationship at all. Then I found a friend by chance who asked me the strangest thing. He asked me If I ever felt like I was living out a John Carpenter movie but in real life. I immediately thought to myself, like oh shit he knows, because I was in a paranoid phase about myself. Then he just started pointing out people who displayed behavior that prior to ever meeting this guy, just seemed normal.
    Jodicius Aurelius here is another part of that email - When I started contracting as an engineer and when I was in, I never really subscribed to these various ideas, but I had a few friends like you and you know the rest of us Black Nerd Society and COGAN which you and were founding member that were into these things. One day, and this was after you were transferred and broke your feet at BUDS we had an in depth about life, science, family and he, the guy who asked me that question came out and told me a story about how he was adopted and he went and found his real parents and they both happened to be military as well. He had the appearance of a typical white guy, but his birth mother was a black woman who happened to be a naval officer stationed in Japan the Yokota Base and his real dad was this bad ass navy seal instructor out of Cornado San Diego, you probably seen the guy when you were at BUDS. I always thought things like the super soldier program, mind control, aliens, shapeshifters, manchurian candidates and stuff like that was all just science fiction nonsense, that is until this one guy opened up about his life. So his adopted dad was this retired NCIS agent who was married to one of the Japanese English teachers on the base at ----redacted----- but anyways, his adopted dad setup a meet and greet with his real parents and he asked me to come with him for moral support. This guy's biological parents were like robots, they were direct, matter of fact, very sharp around the edges, and it just so happened to be the first time his biological parents met, and yet their stories were so similar, that they sounded scripted. His real dad looked like a younger Sean Connery on steroids and his real mom looked like a super fit version of Kerry Washington, but with a little more weight on her. So, we're out at this bar and grill seemingly having a decent time, and suddenly his biological parents zoned out. His adopted parents and I were up at the bar, while my friend and his biological parents were sitting at a booth across from us. He panics and calls us over to the booth and these guys were gone for maybe a full two minutes. We were snapping fingers, waving hands in front of their faces, and when they came to, they both had phone calls and had to mysteriously go claiming it was an emergency and they started going on and on about how meeting him was a mistake and how it was wrong to get his hopes up and they both took off and he never seen them again, but the following weekend, his adopted parents invited a couple of us who were all friends to a party on his private boat, where we'd go island hopping, and the first night I'm out on the rear patio of the boat having a beer and his adopted dad comes back there and asks me if I wanted to see something, I'm like sure, this was an awesome boat, so I'm thinking it was going to be something related to that, but to my surprise, he gives me a warning and says don't rock the boat now that you know. I'm like, know what? And he says, c'mon, I know your still thinking about the incident last week. I'm like, yeah that was pretty bizarre. So he shows me a picture of what looked a yard in a suburban neighborhood and its a picture of my friend and a few other guys that are on the boat, but their all full grown adults and the time stamp was from 1996. I ask him what is the significance of that? He says his son was only 12 years old and if he was lucky, he'd be able to keep him 12 more. That was in 2010 and his son was only 12 and the picture was from 96. His dad goes on to tell me that everyone I showed up with, we're all between 10 and 15 years old. I laughed because I thought it was impossible. Then he pulls out this photo album, showing me even older photos, with what looks like the same group of guys but with maybe a few other unrecognizable faces. So I'm just sitting there like I don't get it. Then he shows me a picture of my friends biological father and mother, but the mother sort of resembled civil rights activist Angela Davis it was an old picture from maybe the late 60s to early 70s. Then he goes back to the suburban back yard picture, and he says, that was taken on a military base in New Mexico it's not on the map. Then he goes on to tell me that none of their memories are real, they implant the memories before they release them to their handlers, his real parents never met before because they were clones of the originals, but the originals died before they knew the consequences of cloning and now they use the first generation clones who only live to the age of about 60, and their clones only live to the age of about 30 to 40, then he tells me that my friend is a MK3, which is a clone of a clone and they only live to th age of about 20 to 25, because they grow and burn out rapidly. I asked him why would anyone go through all this trouble? Asked me if I knew how the Germans became strong in such a short time under the third reich? I gave the proxy answer that I learned in school, which was they were more brutal, strategic, and had better technology, which is why America and Britain wanted them so bad. He then says, no, that's only tip of a massive iceburg. He then tells me that Germans had been using this very same cloning technique and they discovered it in the 20s, and going into the mid to late 30s they already had mk2s, and they were already pushing out mk3s and mk4s which grow to the size of a natural 12 year old over the span of a year and by the age of 3, you couldnt tell them apart from a natural born 18 year old, and their fully matured by the age 6 and this was all by the time they entered WWII, which is why they were obsessive about blonde hair blue eyes which were the traits of a cloned super soldier. He told me it had nothing to do with a pure Aryan race, it had to do with the cloning process, they needed melanin to stabilize the clones, as the melanin can't be cloned past the mk2 phase, and at the MK3 phase, they can't even create black hair, it's only blonde or silver or bald for a mk3, but their dangerous because they grow and burn out rapidly, they have to recondition them every once in a while and malfunction or flip out and we have to put them down remotely.
    Jodicius Aurelius Continued - He asked me if I ever wondered why some of the most talented musical artists, actors and public figures mysteriously died around the age of 25? I hadn't even known of any others than Tupac, Biggie, Hendrix and Cobain. He goes on to say they're all mk2 or mk3s. The genius is inspired as rapidly as they grow. He then told me the Germans werent that smart, they were using Vrill technology and techniques and everyone in the world wanted it, that's what the cold war was really about, not nukes, hell if you had a group of mk3s, you could develop all the so called nukes you wanted and advance technology as fast as you wanted, that's just how advanced a mk3 is. Then he just stops talking and says Ive told you enough. My mind was blown. I've only told this story to a handful of people most of them thought I was quacky, until I got out of the military and I met another veteran who was a truther who used to be on youtube before he became a Hebrew Israelite or some shit and we used to hang out talking about our military exploits laughing it up, we used to go to this sports bar downtown, we'd bring our girlfriends and the girls would hang out while we shot the shit at the bar or bet on the pool table, but one day he tells me he wants to pop the question to his girlfriend and asked me if I wanted to go on a double date where he'd propose to his girl and have us as witnesses and moral support, at this point, I had known him about 3 years, I said ok, and we all go out to Benihana here, its the biggest one they had so I was told. I go off to the bathroom while we're waiting to be served, and when I come back, it's like they had seen a ghost, everything just turned dry and awkward, and he says let's go outside fora cigarette, I didn't smoke, but he insisted as if it were a matter of urgency. So as soon as we get out the door he grabs me pulls me around the side of the building and throws against the wall and we get into a scuffle and I'm like bro wtf? he just starts flipping out asking me what the fuck I was thinking bringing that fucking synthetic here with me? I'm tripping at this point, I'm telling him, like, yo this was your idea, you've known my girl three years, and he's like yeah that was before she blankslated like she was a fucking mk2. He then says, let's just go in here and act natural, finish the night off, drop our girls off at home and meet up at the sports bar after. So I meet up with him later after I absorbed him just kicking my ass earlier, and I ask him, how did he even know about the mk2 program? So he says I want you to come with me somewhere, we'll take my car, I'm like let's go. So we go up to this Native reservation up north about 45 minutes away and he takes me onto this what looks like an empty lot of land with a shed on it. We go into the shed and it looks empty and he puts a key into the wall and a false door drops down revealing a stairway down and it goes into an underground cabin. I'm amazed, so I had to ask how was he able to afford all this. He goes on to ask me if I knew what he did when he was in the navy? I said well, you were a mechanical and structural engineer like me right? he says, yeah for the first couple of years until I finished college majoring in microbiology, genetics and quantum mechanics which led me to a specialized doctoral degree only offered by the military quantum biomechanical engineering and , then he goes on to explain how after he graduated he was selected for a R&D project with a company contracted by the military called Quantus for what he thought was going to be nanotechnology, prosthetics and skin grafting technology for injured servicemen, he said his first job after graduation was R&D at Williams AFB, he said it was at Williams AFB he was tasked with a job to research and discover a viable replacement for a biochemical called melanotan II. You have to be aware and beware. When one becomes fully aware of what is going on around them, and they happen to come into the orbit or atmosphere of a channeller, diviner, oracle, or righteous teacher, the only conclusion about such persons one should be drawing is, they must be protected at all cost. This fabricated reality is held up by an illusion that only those unique abilities of transcendent thought can see through, which means, the ongoing battle that is happening both physically and etherically can be won, which is why they are systematically gathering them, scouting them, and cloning them. This way, they can pinpoint those that follow, are inspired by, and awakened by these unique individuals can be rounded up easier. The message these individuals spread, goes beyond the physical and resonates with the universal vibration on higher planes and as more people awaken, the higher realms become unlocked for the righteous teachers which will be able to guide masses into higher realms which in turn raise the kundalini of the earth. As the kundalini of the earth rises, a new gateway beyond the earth plane also opens.
    Jodicius Aurelius continued - This is the reason CERN and HAARP were created. It is an artificial gateway that interrupts the higher vibrational wavelengths and places a damper on the abilities of these unique individuals. HAARP is the device used to power CERN using the earth itself as a conduit. I cannot reveal to you my source, but I'll give you this I am no longer military, but a contractor with Raytheon now and have a few friends whom I would put at risk if I revealed their identities, one specifically I know personally who is a military contracted quantum biomechanical engineer with experience in both microbiology and genetics who used to work at Williams AFB for a company called Quantus. If you have not heard of this company, I suggest you look into them. If you must have a name, let's just call him Major Tom. I have it on high authority that many of the unmarked planes dropping chemtrails over the US and UK, take off out of Williams AFB. Those chemtrails are poisonous to a genetically original human, however they are perfectly fine for clones, chimeras, synthetics, replicas and hybrids. Because there are so many clones integrated into society, they simply drop it from the sky, so if you see chemtrails in your area, just know, there is a large population of artificially created entities. The chemtrail is just maintenance for them. The artificials have severe skin problems and perhaps one day I will share the reason why, but artificials have a problem keeping up their outer appearance which is why you'll see some of them starring in media just fine and then see them walking the red carpet or on vacation looking like a saggy meatbag. After the chemical is absorbed into their skin, they're seemingly back to normal unless they've already been replaced with a fresh clone. UV is highly damaging to them. In fact, if you watch a video titled How The Sun Sees You, you'll get a better idea of what I am talking about, and If you watch They Live, you will really understand. We cannot perceive the effects of UV light bands because the resonant frequency of our collective consciousness is low. When our vibrational frequency rises, we'll be able to perceive other resonant frequencies of light and sound, and this is how those unique individuals are able to shatter the veil and see these various entities while other remain completely oblivious to them. Hollywood told you this in The Signal, John Carter and several other productions.. Sleepers are preprogrammed to run on autopilot with a present code they receive through various radio signals that gives them orders to run their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual routines until they receive a target and activated by UHF, VHF, EHF, ELF, ULF, VLF, BT, WiFi, Microwave, AM, FM, Cell, GSM, LTE, 3G, 4G, GPS and any other frequency. When the signal is received, they zone out for a period of time. They're walking living breathing antennas, however some of them have learned to break away from the programming or become influenced by higher dimensional beings, especially if they were cloned from a channeler, diviner or and oracle, because those unique individuals are coveted by higher dimensional beings, because of their natural affinity for ascendance and transcendence, Some of them want to eliminate them, and others want to control them because they help reinforce the matrix,Einstein was one example of control, while Tesla was an example of elimination, while there are other higher dimensional beings that actually benefit from humans raising their resonant frequency and act as guides because they are connected to the various planes that make up the fabric of this reality, which means they can only operate and interact in a limited capacity. This will probably be my last transmission to you for a while. There are a lot of new developments happening, and I suggest you change your email too and change it regularly as there is about to be a major spynet program that will net a lot of people spreading the truth about these things. Next I contact you, it'll be from hopefully Cuba or another non-extradition treaty country, so peace God and be safe.
    Jodicius Aurelius Now, I can only keep this posted until tomorrow and I'll have to go back and remove it, because the details are too specific and leaves my friends who are fighting the good fight within the military exposed. Every once in a while, you'll see a military serviceman come out and expose military plans and it ends up causing the government to push back its plans, which is good, because many of these things they set in motion, they can only do when the numbers line up with the ritual they are attempting to perform.
    Jodicius Aurelius I know man, my eyes still water reading some of this stuff and there's even more than this, but its even more detailed and talks about the flat earth plane and how HAARP uses the rotation of the quartz dome overhead to power cern, and breaks down the science of how the sky is quartz and how quartz is used to amplify various signals and light frequencies all that. Some of the text in these emails are more than 6 years old, the later ones are about 2 year old before I chose the moniker Jodicius Aurelius.
    Jodicius Aurelius This is what I was talking about when you get to discussing certain subjects, and this is why I check my wifi and lan signal often.

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