It's that time again, new online course with Dr Runoko Rashidi

  • THE WORLD THROUGH AFRICAN EYES--AN ONLINE COURSE AND STUDY GROUP THE WORLD THROUGH AFRICAN EYES is an online course and an attempt to begin to actually formalize an online study group for African history and the history of Africa in the world. It is taught and coordinated by Runoko Rashidi, world traveler and historian. The course begins 11 December 2015 and consists of sixteen weekly sessions that meet online on a special Facebook page on Friday evenings at 9:00 pm US Eastern Standard Time. All you need is a Facebook account and all you have to do is log in. You need no special equipment. If you are not able to attend the live sessions, all of the lecture notes and study materials are left online for the duration of the course for perusal and review at your leisure. The course is taught through easy to follow texts, stunning photographs and occasional links and you tube videos. The cost for the entire course is only $50.00 per household. All of the proceeds go towards the ongoing researches of Dr. Runoko, of which you are all aware. This will be the longest and most ambitious such course taught by Dr. Rashidi and it gives us plenty of time to stretch out, learn, relax and enjoy. Each class is approximately two hours in length and there is plenty of room for discussion and group input. The class project for the course is the compilation of a timeline of African history, from humanity's African beginnings to the beginning of the Maafa. Please join us for this wonderful and unique educational experience. Four weeks will be spent on Africa, three weeks on Asia, three weeks on Europe, three weeks on the Americas and a week each on Australia and the islands of the Pacific, followed by a summary. The course will reflect the first-hand travels and observations of Runoko Rashidi in all of these places, including museums, tombs, temples and Black communities. To reserve your space please pay your $50.00 via Paypal to or send a check or money order to: Rashidi, Box 47479, Los Angeles, CA 90047. Don't miss this unique educational opportunity. See The World Through African Eyes!

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