10 Foundations of African History

  • RUNOKO'S TEN HISTORICAL FOUNDATIONS 1. Africa is the Mother Continent of humanity. There is only one continent that gave birth to modern humanity and that is Africa. 2. Africa is the birthplace of human culture--agricultural science, the domestication of fire, art, science, religion, mathematics, architecture, etc. 3. The first great civilization was birthed in Africa--the Nile Valley civilization. 4. The African diaspora (the spread of African people out of Africa) is ancient and occurs long before Africans were enslaved. 5. Women have always played a fundamental role in African history. 6. The invasions of African fundamentally weakened it. 7. Never begin our analysis of Africa with invasion and slavery. 8. We can speak of a Black World--that is a Global African Community--from Africa to Australia and the Pacific Islands, from Africa to the Americas, from Africa to Asia and Europe. 9. For the most part, the history of African people has not been written. 10. Ultimately, only Africans can write the history of Africans.

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