SBPM Straight Black Pride Movement

  • LBGTQ Community Pressuring the National Black Theatre Into Canceling SBPM 1st Annual Black Family Convention: Straight Black Pride Movement - SBPM Press Release: Press Release ------- To All Members of the Black World Family: The Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) is an international Black movement designed to promote the growth and development of strong Black families throughout the world. It focuses on building healthy relationships between Black men and women that will lead to an increase in traditional Afrikan (male/female) marriages, strong family development, cooperative Black economic development, and ultimately Black nationhood. Our 1st International Convention is scheduled to be held in New York City the weekend of August 22nd and Aug 23rd 2015. On Saturday, Aug 22nd, we will have a Black family day in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. On Sunday, Aug 23rd, we’re scheduled to have our 1st International Convention in Harlem, NY at the National Black Theatre. We are writing to inform all interested parties about the recent set of events that have occurred surrounding our launching. The LGBTQ community is aggressively putting pressure on the National Black Theatre, an historical Black-owned and operated institution, to cancel our event. It is our understanding that the LGBTQ community is threatening to remove all of its support from the theatre unless they cancel the 1st SBPM International Convention. The pressure from the LGBTQ community has been so aggressive that the National Black Theatre has acquiesced and notified us of their intent to cancel our Black family event. The irony is that the National Black Theatre has had any number of openly LGBTQ events at their facility in the recent past and the heterosexual Black community did nothing to prevent them from peacefully gathering and spreading their message and beliefs. However, when Black heterosexuals decided to gather and promote Black family values and culture, the LGBTQ community rallied together to pressure a Black-owned and operated institution in the Black community to discriminate against our rights to use the same facility. In addition to attacking the livelihood of the National Black Theatre, the LGBTQ community is intentionally misrepresenting the Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) platform throughout social media. They openly attacked our “Black Wives Matter” campaign and launched a national campaign to slander our movement and prevent us from being able to meet in public facilities. Our movement was called a “Hate Group” and someone even stated that whoever created the SBPM platform should be “burned alive.” Apparently, the LGBTQ community believes that heterosexual Black people who believe in Black marriage and traditional Black family structures do not have the right to celebrate our culture in public. We believe that this is a direct assault on the rights of Black heterosexuals everywhere. If the LGBTQ community is given the power by Black-owned institutions to decide which groups can and cannot use its facilities, then Black communities throughout America and across the world will literally find ourselves facing an international LGBTQ McCarthyism (Pink Scare) where any group who doesn’t openly endorse the homosexual agenda is unfairly labeled a “Hate Group.” It is apparent by their behavior that the homosexual community believes that Black heterosexuals do not have any rights that homosexuals are bound to respect, no rights to the freedoms afforded by the U.S. Constitution, and that Black people do not have the right to define the best relationship possible as being between a Black Man and Woman. This letter is being written to make all Straight Black Proud people aware that our family structure and culture is under direct attack and that we must stand firm in our commitment to our children. We have the responsibility of creating safe, comfortable, productive space for Black children to be reared and groomed to become the most productive citizens that we can possibly make them. In our estimation, we can only do this within the context of healthy Black family culture - and that means Black man, woman, and child. We are asking everyone from the Black world community who believes in protecting and preserving Black culture and who believes in the sacredness of the relationship between the Black man and woman to contact the National Black Theatre and discourage them from acquiescing to the pressure from the LGBTQ community. Their contact information is: National Black Theatre Sade Lythcott, CEO 2031-33 Fifth Ave NYC, NY 10035 O: 212.926.1049 F: 212.926.1571 Please disseminate this information as widely as possible so that Black people around the world are made aware that our very survival is being threatened by those who are offended by seeing Black men and women in committed relationships raising Black children. Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM)

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