Message to the Warriors

  • Warrior’s Rules

    - I have an unqualified love and respect for my/our children, complement, fellow warriors and Elders.
    - I believe in our “Race First.”
    - I do no...t sleep with my enemies.  I have no white (or other nonAfrikan) bed partners and do not procreate with them.
    - I am strictly heterosexual.  I neither condone, support nor promote sexual insanity.
    - I am not an interracialist.  I do not have “white friends.”
    - I do not associate with enemies unless my survival depends on it.
    - I look to the wisdom of my Ancestors and Elders for direction.
    - I am prepared for any exigency.
    - I dress for war not display.  A traditional sense of decency always guides my appearance.
    - I daily listen to consciousness raising, revolutionary music.
    - I am a thinker, not an intellectual.  I apply what I know.
    - I am deeply spiritual (not religious).
    - I do not align myself with enemy based (communist/socialist/internationalist) organizations.
    - I am not and do not associate with feminists.
    - I uncompromisingly work toward the complete and total liberation, empowerment and sovereignty of Afrikan people.
    - I am not contradictory in what I think, say and do.
    - I am resilient.  I never give up.

    Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

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