Repost- Black Manhood and The Isis Papers

  • "[The] major function as men is [to] defend, protect and support their people (in that order), even should death be the consequence." -- Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, “The Isis Papers,” (pg 92) We should be careful when white supremacy offers us a national hero to celebrate. I think it is interesting how we, as black people, can complain all day about there being a lack of Black Manhood in our society... yet we turn around and celebrate and defend a man (Martin Luther King Jr.) who contributed to its very destruction (via Integrationist ideas). Then we wonder why we have the Trayvon Martins and Aiyana Jones’s of today. And we forget about those four little girls who died in the Birmingham Church bombing, and never received Justice because of Dr. King's admonishment not to touch a single hair on a white person's head. People are quick to say that this is the past, but will stop short of acknowledging how History Repeats. In fact, when it is pointed out to them that they should not be celebrating a "manhood" that involves a willingness to offer over his own women and children to the vicious jaws of white hatred, they respond with a litany of nonsensical attacks on the person who is attempting to correct them. There is no sympathy for the women and children who lost their blood following after a man so crazed into the idea of White Benevolence and White Acceptance ...only vitriolic rhetoric reserved for the bearer of truth. It is no wonder that The Negro has continued in King's tradition of placing a greater value on the lives of his oppressors than on the very lives of his own spouse and his own seed. Especially when we consider the fact that in the black community it is falsely accepted as a truism that EVERY Black person who ever fought (no matter how they fought, or towards what direction they fought) was actually fighting for the best interests of Black People. It has been said that Truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Every argument in support of Dr. King, has already been addressed elsewhere: There are those who would argue that King grew up in the church [And I would counter: so did Nat Turner]; There are those who would argue that: He changed his mind before he died [And I would argue: maybe Nicki Minaj will too, but how does that assuage the bloodshed and decadence?]; There are those who would argue that: He put his life on the line for what he believed in [And I would say: so do fags who march and fight for the interests of homosexuality. Putting one's life on the line for a particular something does not automatically give legitimacy to the thing one is fighting for, nor does it lend credence to the viability of one's character: crusaders, conquistadors, nazis, black-traitors and other degenerates were all willing to put their life on the line for what they believed in]; Some of you would question me: Well, what are YOU doing NOW? [And I would answer: I'm putting my black mind into the youth of my community -- the worst thing that could happen to White-Supremacy and to Negroes alike]; Others of you would admonish: You need to respect your ancestors [And I would definitively state that King is NOT an Ancestor; "Those who committed treason against our people... are neither honored as Elders [] nor as Ancestors upon transition." -- Mwalimu Baruti; "[Ancestors] help us to build great people, great communities and great nations" -- Nana Dinizulu]; Other excuse-makers would offer: Nobody's perfect, [And I would offer: neither was Garvey, but he gave us the right ideas]; Often, we are approached by those who would say, "If we would have fought, we would have died!" [But, like George Jackson said, "This argument completely overlooks the fact that we always have done most of the dying, and still do[.] The point is now to construct a situation where someone else will join in the dying."]... ...forgive me if I left someone out. I accept the fact than many here have it within them to forgive and forget the atrocities that have been committed against our race -- atrocities which were committed with the PERMISSION and ACQUIESCENCE of lesser men. But I also recognize that we are only standing where we are today because others who have come before us could not find within themselves the character to fight and die standing honorably rather than living on their knees. And I think -- when we think about it under the greater context of white supremacy -- that is probably the ONLY disposition that will ever get us free. White supremacy will NEVER hand back over the reins without bringing a war down to the teeth. So if we prop up a man before the eyes of our children who, in light of all the examples that came before him and during his time, could have done the right thing, but instead chose the totally wrong thing (nevermind the fact that he was a race-traitor who originally wanted to marry a white woman, a liar, an adulterer, a fraud, plagiarizer, sexist and a sellout) where exactly would that leave us? And another thing we must deeply ask is, What type of mind, or "manhood," could stand by while watching a Black Woman being brutally attacked by racists? No amount of tactical strategy would allow me to remain action-less in the face of such racial-aggression. Any real man would have had to die, right there on the spot. And no amount of searching within me can find forgiveness for such inaction. The blood of those lost still screams out to me. But am I the only one that can hear them? To the people who have engaged in excuse-making of this... I wonder what type of sons you are rearing or are planning to rear... As for me, I vow to raise warriors, and fighters for the self-determination and righteous existence of their kind. How progressive is it that we can complain all day about a lack of black manhood in our communities: our women cry of being unprotected, the lives of our children continue to be threatened from racial aggression, our people continue to come up with new slogans and create new ways to scream old messages that "black lives matter," but yet one day out of the year we turn and celebrate a man who abandoned black manhood, did not protect our women, and placed the lives of our most bitter enemies over and above the lives of our very own children?... This is my position on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr... And why my children will never know his name. -- Kalyd Dessalines “Black manhood […] means warrior or soldier against white supremacy, embracing everything that the words warrior or soldier imply. ...Black males who are unwilling to fight for their manhood [...] will not be able to teach it to the next generation. These males do not deserve the privilege of procreating themselves, and this should be enforced by all Black females who are self-respecting.”-- Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, “The Isis Papers,” (pg 192) ‪#‎OnMartinLutherKingJr‬ ‪#‎BlackManhood‬

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