Global African Presence with Dr. Runoko Rashidi

  • Runoko Rashidi Family, my new Facebook online course begins January 9, 2015. It is going to be a minimum of eleven weeks and it is going to be exciting and informative. Here is the class schedule: Weeks 1 through 3 will focus solely on Nile Valley civilization. It will look at Egyptian roots in Africa, the people of Egypt and their lives, the morality and religion of Egypt, but especially it will look at the history. That is what I am best at. These classes will be taught from Paris, France. Weeks 4 and 5 will look at two aspects of the African presence in Asia. The first session will be the Black Presence in India. We will talk about history, caste, race and religion there. It is going to be good. The second session will focus on East and Southeast Asia. We will look at the peopling of the region, the African image in art, and African contributions to classical civilization in this fascinating part of the world. Weeks 6 and 7 will take us in search of the African presence in early Europe. One session will look at the African Presence in the Greco-Roman World. The following session is called The African Presence in the Art of the European Renaissance. This one I have never done before and am exited about it. Week 8 will be our only visit to the Americas in this course. And our focus will the African Presence in the Olmec World. It is going to be powerful. Week 9 is going to be unique. Don't miss it. It will be the Children of Africa in Australia, and it will be taught from Australia. I arrive in Australia just a few days before the class and I will be spending most of that time with Indigenous Australians, especially the Elders. And I will be talking to them about such things as their own perspectives about history. This one is going to be special. Week 10 will be equally special. It will be on the Black Presence in the Pacific. And I will teach it from the Pacific, specially Melanesia. It will unique for all of us. Week 11 is our week to try to summarize everything. Now the class project or goal is to work towards the compilation of a book specifically for African children, those at home and those abroad, on the Global African Community, meaning the African diaspora. Of course, all work on the book is voluntary and no one is compelled to participate in that aspect of the class. But it is something that we have committed ourselves to do and we are going to move on it. It is a worthy and much needed project. The goal will be to have the book translated into French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and a least one African language. The cost of the course is $50.00, all of which goes purely for research work--Runoko Rashidi's research work. Please pay via Paypal to All classes begin at 9:00 PM, US EASTERN STANDARD TIME. The class is taught with text and photos as the mediums, on a special Facebook page. Once you pay your tuition you are automatically enrolled. All you need is to log on to Facebook. Each class lasts approximately 2.5 hours and there is ample time for questions and discussion. A reading list will be provided for each class. Runoko Rashidi is the Instructor.

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