Ancient Laws of Bantu

  • HIGH AND ANCIENT LAWS OF ALL BANTU (BAnTU i.e The People, or Afrikans or Black People etc etc) Bantu Cosmology:The High Laws! The 21 High Laws:Secret and Sacred Code of Love! The Bantu Laws of the Tribes! 1.The Girl One marries Is not chosen by oneself,but by one's Ancestors and that she begets children to connect past,present and future at the same time,using the man only as a medium. 2.A Bantu woman,be she one's wife,or one's mother,exists in the past,present and future at the same time,and she does not belong to one's father or oneself,but to those as yet unborn,and to one's Ancestors. 3.The Laws of the Tribes forbid people to kiss on the mouth unless they are going to mate. 4.Engaged couples may kiss each other's foreheads,noses and even necks.But they must not kiss on the mouth if they are not going to mate. 5.The Bantu worship the Love-Kiss and regard it as holy-not to be used in a trifling way;only in dead earnest. 6.A man or a woman must never kiss a child on the mouth. 7.When a Bantu man returns from a long journey,a Battle or hunting,he must not kiss his wife on the mouth-only on her foreheads or cheeks. 8.The Love-Kiss is reserved for mating and then only when the intention is to create children. 9.The honey and beer is used to prevent conception,the same should be used with Love-Kiss. 10.The Daughter in Law does not look the father in Law in the eyes. 11.The Daughter in Law does not sit with the Father-In-Law and have a conversation. 12.The Wife does not befriend her husband friends and have a friendly relationship with them because they are not her friend. 13.A Bantu man shall not beat or kill his wife because she is not his but the Ancestors. 14.The Mother in Law and Daughter are expected to have a Mother and Daughter relationship. 15.It is a Custom among the Bantu for a man to leave his bride for three days in the ''Spirit Hut''-a special shrine where the Essence of the Ancestors may first kiss and mate with her. 17.No man must ever allow an outsider to effect a separation between himself and his wife or wives. 18.No Chief must ever meddle with the wives of his subjects. 19.The Separation of a man and his wife by an external influence is listed as one of the Three High Crimes and calls for a war of vengeance. 20.The Law of the Bantu forbid a man to touch a man's wife,mother or sister or daughter,call them names,or refer insultingly to their womanhood. 21.Before a Bantu can divorce his wife he must,without his wife's knowledge,confer with the spirits of both his Ancestors and hers and lay before them the reason for his desire to dissolve the marriage.Then he must take his problem to his living parents,brothers and sisters,and call upon their advice.Only then can he go with his wife to her father and claim return of his lobolo.Laziness is never looked upon as sufficient grounds for a divorce. There are only three grounds:Frigidity(refusal to carry on the Ancestral Name);Adultery(excreting in the Spirit Hut) and Sexual Perversity(the madness to let outsiders bulls graze in the green pastures of our Ancestors). ''It takes a Village to have a Marriage''-An Afrikan Proverb!