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  • "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youths and Adult Entrepreneurs"


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    Over the last few years there have been a complete paradigm shift in this country and there have been many reasons for this. The question is how do we embrace this New World and survive and how do we save the people that we care deeply about?

    Business ownership has always been the solution to strengthening our families. This book lists 185 easy-to-set up businesses that you can start within 2 weeks and start making money.

    This business book will go hand-in-hand with my other business book “How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Starting Your Own Business” (Series 2) at -- which contains 30 top ways to finance a business; 30 top ways to market a business – along with other great business information.

    Chapter 2 lists EVERY STEP (checklist) that you will need to take to set up and launch a successful business. With both books you will be equipped with every tool that you need.

    The New World started with GMOs, also called Genetically Modified Organisms, which have been altering foods for the past 20 years and have affected the way that most people think or don’t think because these foods (all processed foods) turns off the brain.

    Global Warming made drastic changes in the weather but GMOs, the Green Movement and Chemtrails totally poisoned the environment.

    The 2007/08 housing market crash brought even more despair when you had everyone living in parks on one side of the street and on the other side of the street, you had empty homes owned by banks.

    The quality of schools deteriorated when Corporate America started downsizing and outsourcing jobs. Most employees who were downsized with degrees ended up teaching schools even though many of these people did not care about children.

    They were simply there for a paycheck and because of this and funding going into prisons instead of the school system, schools are serving as feeders into the prison system.

    Technology eliminated many jobs and because people were tuned into computers or some type of hand-held gadget, it created bad customer service in every industry and allowed cyber bullying to become the new norm on many social networking sites.

    Because of 911 and technology, it has allowed massive spying by government and law enforcement especially the And gay marriage changed the whole make-up of the family which also contributed to bullying.

    All of this has led to 20% of American families do not have one single family member employed at this time; One out of every six men in their prime (25 to 54) do not have a job; More than 20% of children are living in poverty; Over a million public school children are homeless; 53% of wage earners makes less than $30,000 a year; and half of all college graduates are still relying on their parents for financial support even after being out of school for 2 years.

    The solutions to all of the above is to look at business ownership for youths and adults as viable options to save families, and especially our youth. Unlike adults, our youth have not been scarred or damaged and many can form thriving futures by learning about business early on. Good luck!

    Cathy Harris is known as The Empowerment Guru and is the author of 20 non-fiction books which covers topics on family and community empowerment, health, youth and adult entrepreneurship, writing/publishing, workplace discrimination (sexism, sexual harassment, sex and race discrimination), whistleblowing, law enforcement, government, domestic and international traveling, politics, media, beauty, car buying and selling for women, aging/retirement - just to name a few. Her books and articles are full of content-rich material to help anyone get back into the driver's seat and are available at



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