To Be Black

  • Meditational Thoughts: 

    Everything we have learned has come from "the white man". 
    So should we even consider ourselves black or brown when we run in many shades and tans? 
    I am tempted in placing myself in the category of OTHER since when I look at my skin I am not black but brown. But then I think of brown as a color and I am much more than that. 
    I'm not sure if I can consider myself African because that is my heritage and my background but it isn't my current culture.  I do not follow their cultural beliefs. I do not follow their tradition or customs so how can I be considered African? 
    I can admit that they are my brethren but culturally we are different in some ways. Different in how we are raised. Different in how we view things. Different in how we eat and live. Different in our customs. 
    So maybe we should come up with something new. Something that represents those of us known as the black race. Or colored. Or Afro-American. Or African American. See the confusion? Because when I think of Black I think of them teasing us like they do with everything else. 

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