"It's a Jungle Out There" author unknown

  • I love listening to stories from my father. Here is one I want to share with you.


    A young lion cub was tired of being stuck in the house where his mother swore to him; he was safer being. But the young cub wanted to venture out.


    So he asked his mom; "mom". 
    "Hmmm," she answered.
    "Why can't I go get a drink of water from the other side," he pointed out the window towards the world that went just below the horizon. The part in which he's never been to. Though he hasn't discovered much from outside of his back yard.


    "It's not safe out there for a young lion cub like yourself," she replied in a very soft, motherly tone. 
    "How can I be king one day if I've never been outside this house ," he stomped his foot. 
    "You're right," she again replied softly. "Do you know how to get to the water in which you
    thirst," she asked, as he immediately began to tell her the directions. Deciding that he must learn a lesson she allowed him to go.


    Walking on his journey the young lion cub came across an elephant.


    "Oh," the elephant looked at him and said. "I know you," he stopped them in their tracks.
    "You do," replied the young cub.
    "Yes. I do. You're the next King," he said, causing the lion cub to still look confused. "Come here," he told the cub. The young lion, being respectful of his elders walked towards the elephant who tried to stomp on him. "Get on outta here," the elephant continued to stomp at the cub leaving the young lion dumbfounded.


    The cub ran along the dirt road into a Hippo. "Slow down," he said, before realization took over. "Hey. I know you," the Hippo spoke. "You're the next King," he said as the cub just stared. "Let me see you closer," he spoke, pretending to need a better view of the cub. The young lion slowly approached just to be kicked by the Hippo. "Get on outta here," the Hippo said without explanation causing the little cub to run along.


    Not too far down the road was a Monkey swinging on a tree. He jumped down in front of the cub and said; " I know who you are. You're next to be king," he slapped his face hard causing the cub to cry. "Get on outta here before I slap you again," he threatened.


    Finally the cub made it to the puddle of water quenching his thirst. He could see the tears flowing down his face through the reflection. "I don't understand why no one likes me," he thought.


    Then a snake, hearing his sniffles, approached asking; "what's wrong?" After hearing about the cubs long day he asked for a hug. The young lion was in need of one and agreed but the snake was sneaky. He began to squeeze him until the cub could no longer breathe.


    Finally managing to get away, the lion cub ran all the way home. When he got there his mom asked; "my cub. What is wrong?"


    He replied;" I met a elephant that tried to stomp on me. A hippo that kicked me. A monkey that slapped me and a snake that tried to kill me. Why didn't they like me momma?"


    She replied; "Didn't I tell you it's a jungle out there!"

    MORAL: Everyone can see your future which is why they try to slow you down.


    There are also other morals. What else can you get from this story?


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