Let's Talk Religion!

  • Blacks are so BRAIN WASHED that we willingly brain wash the next sister or brother with our scriptures bs. Excuse my disrespect if you have some "God" you worship but this post is about to get real nasty. 



    If you read ANY form of scriptures that dictates to you how to live your life you are brain washed. It is a damn book! It's not "holy" and is a figment of your imagination! 



    If you go to any building with 4 walls to study, sing, etc and has anything to do with your your "God" you are a part of these damn religions that separates us as a people. It is so silly and childish that folks cant and dont see that! 



    If your "place of service" collects tithes and offerings you are a religion! I give two fucks if you are a Hebrew Israelite it’s a damn religion! It's not a "way of living"! Your fucking scriptures closely resemble the others! You visit a building for service! It’s just longer, OBEDIENT hours. You study a book and you have bible study. You're a fucking religion!  



    If YOU study anything from a book titled "holy" something or some big ass book period with different character views with the words TESTAMENT in it (rather old or new...that bs) you are in a religion! 



    I can differentiate myself and befriend anyone and accept any thoughts because I choose to believe in the universe. To follow the signs of life through nature and my dreams. It has NOT steered me wrong yet. You brain washed mfs should try it sometimes.



    #I'm still mad obviously but I had to school some folks. And if im wrong please try to school me. Just dont say the bs mentioned below. 


    #we're not a religion--- (not a religion my ass!)


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