How I turned Vampire against Vampire and Saved 100+ Lives

  • At about 1:55pm I stepped out of my grandmothers house to pick up my niece from school. When I returned at about 2:35pm I smelled gas. It was so strong it burnt my right nostril.

    I evacuated my kids, niece and nephew and during so proceeded to go tell the leasing management. Along the way I spoke to two maintenance employees that told me to tell leasing as well. I get to the leasing building, explain to them the situation and how I work for Proctor and Gamble as a test dummy (I didnt say that part lol) smelling the highs and lows of intensity when it comes to its character. The leasing unit told me that there wasn’t any gas on their property but that they would send maintenance to check it out. Mind you I just spoke to maintenance and if it was something they could have handled they would have.

    This company has at least 500+ residents housed in a certain area. My grandmother, niece and nephew along with at least 100 other residents live in the apartment building that the gas odor was coming from. I love mines as well as my black people that is renting there so I called Duke Energy to report it. Funny thing is when Duke gets there a maintenance man is outside waiting for him.

    So he tries to explain to him what the scent was. He claimed they were cleaning an oven with Easy Off and had turn it on   during the cleaning process. Fair enough. We checked the 3rd floor where my grandmother lives anyway and to my surprise there wasn’t any gas. BUT I KNOW WHAT I SMELLED! So then Duke checked the 4th floor and again no gas. Then we went to the apartment they were cleaning and granted it smelled like gas but Dukes machine thingy wasn’t picking it up. He told them next time to open the balcony door while they cleaned to let some of the fumes clear out.   I, on the other hand decided to let it go as an error on my end.

    Went to go get my crew from the basketball court to go back indoors and Duke was waiting on me. He asked if I can call the leasing department to meet him in the laundry room. I did so. They were sassy saying their maintenance people were busy and if he needed a key he'd have to come get it his self. So Duke asked me for their number; he was so pissed his phone was flipping in the air. He couldn’t grasp it lol.  He called but I had walked away at this time. 

    Anyway, come to find out I was right. He swept the entire complex and found a gas leakage in the laundry room. The dryers use gas (dummies! They just didn’t want to pay to get it fixed!) They had to close it down till it get fix and Duke blocked their gas usage. 

    So that’s how I turned vampire against vampire lol. But most importantly I’m glad everyone is ok. That whole complex could have blown up, caught on fire. Anything. I would have never forgiven myself if it had. Peace & Harmony! 

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