Teachers Aren't The Same

  • Took my nephew to preschool this morning and was challenged by his teacher. Humbly I turned her down. For whatever reason she felt threatened by my presence. First of all my nephew entered her class (to which I didn't even know was his class) and she didn't say a good morning or anything at all. He wasn't greeted and welcomed. STRIKE 1.


    So after figuring out I had the correct classroom my nephew set on the little couch. He did not engage in a book or any activity. So I asked what was their morning routine since I had already viewed EVERYTHING in the classroom and it clearly said story time. She repeated to me what she was supposed to and then said that I can leave. That he is ok. he isn't. My nephew is the first child there and you can interact with him 1 on 1 instead of chatting with other nearby teachers. STRIKE 2.


    So I sat down with my nephew and red him a book and discussed it with him. We spent about 15 minutes on 1 book. He was so engaged and asked for a second book. He was CHARGED! As we were getting ready to start our second one she announced it was time for breakfast. Basically her other children had just arrived. Then it pissed me off that she only had 4 kids during her morning session. I would have KILLED for those days. I had 32 kids for the ENTIRE day when my limit was 17 but it was also because I chose the bad ones.  I had them babies 9am to sometimes past 6 because momma was getting her hair done smh. And here she is acting like she's...tired. She don't know the damn meaning of it!


    So then she hits me with, if you're going to be staying you have to have a police check and physical. I replied, a physical? For me to read a book? She said; yes. It's state law now. I said that's crazy and ridiculous. I'll do a police check but i'm NOT going to do a physical. I will pass them both but it's silly and unnecessary. So then she said; well you'll have to past a drug screen too I said I don't drink or smoke so I'm sure I won't have a problem. Then she walked away. Mind you this is an older woman. An elder! So glad I teach my nephew when he comes over my house on the weekend.


    Anyway, I told my nephew we'll finish our book next time and that i'll return to pick him up. Than I walked throughout the whole school and the director and lunch lady was like; can I help you. They felt so threatened and the only reason why is because they aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing. Since I had given them my background and I used to be a teacher and a director I KNOW what they ARE supposed to be doing. When it comes to mines you're going to get it together. NO EXCUSES! If you don't like your job go somewhere else. These are CHLDREN!


    The ora around the school and within was very unnatural. Sickening! I keep telling my people to home-school but i'm the villian doing things wrong. Yet my boys are raised as Mansa's! That's kings for those who don't know.



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