Business Etiquette

  • Ok so I had to file the Paypal complaint against my brethren because I hadn't heard from him in almost 1 month right. Did this nut not call me within 1 hour of the complaint asking if I can remove the complaint because it stops him from receiving money etc from Paypal. It basically puts his account on hold. I told him; my heart gets me in a lot of trouble because I want everyone to mean well by what they do and say but the business side of me says to stand my ground. Until I see proof that you have been working on my artwork I will not remove the complaint. I was a woman of my word and now it's time for you to be a man of yours. 


    I explained how he needs to keep in contact; if it aint but once a week to let me know that he hasn't forgotten about me. But don't just have my money and forget about me when I have made sacrifices sending it to him. Like I told him, I can do all the work myself. I'm looking out for him trying to keep the money flowing amongst us while he's supposed to be helping to solve my problem. 


    It's sad that I had to file a complaint in order to get a quick response. It pissed me off that he had my phone number still and couldn't send a text etc to let me know what's up. He didn't have the time to email me but he rushed and found time when he received that complaint through Paypal. It's crazy and sad but I have learned through other experiences to only work with my people if they use Paypal because it is the only way I can get my money back if you fuck me over. I never pay my people cash unless it is a product I will be using right away such as shay butter, soap etc. I can’t pay cash for business to hire because the bad apples are too close to the tree. And don’t get me wrong, I am the same exact way for all cultures but when it is your own, you should feel a hell of a lot safer giving them your money smh!


    And me still being sweet I gave him an additional 6 weeks to have my work done since he claims to have been sick for 2 weeks and is now currently on vacation. I don't make sense of that whole scenario either but his account will be frozen until I see some proof that he has been working on my project. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate with a passion to be mean but I have to make sure he does his job just like I have to do mines.


    This is why we have a problem buying from each other now. Glad I have experienced fuckery to know how to properly defend myself against it. Ugh! My people get it to-freaking-gether! If you own your own business COMMUNICATE with your customers who have made sacrifices to pay you CONSTANTLY! It is a rule of thumb. If you can't do so every 3 days do so at least once a week. You should NEVER allow a month or so to pass and your customer who has paid you to complete an assignment has not heard from you. It is a poor excuse and we have better common sense than that.

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