Cops vs Family

  • HAVE YALL SEEN THIS???? I had to switch to Hourtimenow so I can PRIVATELY say what I needed to...

    1. When there are children in your vehicle; PULL OVER AND STAY PUT! AUTOMATIC child endangerment charge as she received.  
    2. Her son had EVERY RIGHT to defend his mom because that is what the Black man is taught to do. 
    3. Tazing a 14 year old IS NOT an option. You are taught self defense; bust a move. 
    4. Breaking a window on the side of the child SHOULD HAVE BEEN child endangerment on that officer. 
    5. Shooting into a car full of children; automatic termination. 
    6. A lot of this could have been avoided in the beginning. Mom made some terrible decisions; driving through traffic etc. 

    I can't say what I would have done had I been in this situation but I've been pulled over by the cops with my children in the car for speeding and took the ticket then left. The only thing that would make someone run is if they are driving without license, license plates expired or the car is stolen.  

    That's my conclusion and thoughts on the matter. What's yours?

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