Black People in America vs Amerikkka

  • I think we should file a International Civil Lawsuit against Amerikka ( if you know what I am trying to say correct me). Them vs. The Black Communities within each city and state.

    Sounds silly but what they are doing creates psychological abuse and that's what they will be sued for. We have plenty of cases dating back to WAY BACK WHEN to have as evidence; how it was handled then and is continuing to be handled today. 

    When you are a Black woman or man parent with a Black child how do you cope with so many things that we have to deal with? How do you allow your child to walk to the store and feel "safe"? Walk to school and feel "safe"? Go over family and friends and feel "safe"? 

    How can we allow our babies to experience life when we are thrown death sentences and life in prison? This is psychological abuse when you can no longer function in the world that you live in. We are bullied by the power of an imbalance with court, government and so forth vs us.

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