You Should Be Ashamed!

  • People have told me often (Negropeans) that my business model and my demonization of Ignorance in our Communities is the reason why we are not getting many Black Owned Businesses and Organizations Listed.

    Well from the Very Start I decided not to run this Entity like any other Business because we are Not a Business! Yes we have a Business License. Yes we pay taxes. We as First Black America are a Movement! Much Bigger than a Single Entity! Within the First Black America Network there are over 300,000 Black Professionals around the World! Some in this group, some in that group! Networks here networks there... All promoting Community Unity and Cooperative Economics.

    We do not care about offending people! People need to be offended and smacked in the Face with Reality! The reality is that you are being Negatively Exploited by White and Asian Corporatocracy!

    Well I am here to tell you to your face that FIRST BLACK AMERICA is Trying to Exploit You As Well! We want to Exploit you in a Positive Manor! Take your money that you so willingly give to White America and use it to build new Black Owned Businesses and Organizations to keep you kids off the streets!

    See we as Adults are Gone! There is no Hope for us to change the world! We are too afraid of Death and Being Ostracized by Whitey!

    Out Youth? They don't Give a Fuck! That is not necessarily a bad thing! Fear is hindering to the Growth and Advancement of Humanity! The only thing is that their Cognitive Structure needs to be modified! The only way to do that is to Pull your Children out of the Public (European) Education System and Teach them ourselves!

    We have qualified Teachers to teach His Story and more Importantly Our Story! Combined with Science and Mathematics, Theater and Expressionism.

    What I have learned is to take Religion and Politics out of the Equation and look at the Mess we are in. When I do I can clearly see that it is those very two things that have Humanity in the condition it is in!

    You have to realize that Religion is of Man and therefore Corrupt and Fallible. Spirituality however is undeniable! You can try to deny it but the Metaphysical Realms of Existence are as real as you reading this post!

    I know I go deep often but you must realize that I am a different breed of Human Being! I transcended from being an Angelic Being to A Demon and Back to Overstand the Union of the two! We all have a Higher and Lower Self. A Good and Bad Jin if you will! It is our choice, and we all know right from wrong, which Jin to walk with!

    I choose to live with my Higher Self but My Higher Self is Pissed at European So Called High Society! How can a group of less than 300 People control the World? I know the answer... IJS... It is because we let them!

    Stop what you are doing and join right now. It's FREE! If you are a Business Owner, an Organization Leader, or just a Regular Working Class Citizen! Join the Family (Over 300,000 Strong) and make your presence known!

    I am not afraid to Die but I am Horrified about Living under these current conditions of Duress, Threats of Abduction, Financial Tyranny and Oppression. I choose to dedicate the rest of my life to raising awareness of just how Powerful we are! If we weren't Powerful they Krakkka's wouldn't give two shits about what we talk about and do!

    Imagine if DR. Martin Luther King. Jr. or Malcolm X, or Nat Turner had Facebook and Smart Phones! Well what I am saying is that their spirits live on in us right now! You are feeling them burning inside your Soul!

    You do have Facebook and Internet. You have Smart Phones! Share this Post and tell everyone you know about the New Tri-Fecta! - - &

    We Ready!

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