The Pregnancy

  • The doctor had kept me waiting in his office for over half an hour. I needed to know the results of my tests so that I could start planning for the next step of my life. I had hoped to become a mother after I had finished campus, and when I had a career going for me. Fate seemed to have a different idea, though. I had begun to experience the symptoms of pregnancy when I was working on one of my assignments. I thought I was suffering from food poisoning, but the matter persisted for too long.




    In the meantime, I could not concentrate on my academic work, and so I decided to hire the best eassy service to do the work on my behalf. I took a personal pregnancy test on my own, and it confirmed that I was pregnant. The shock that hit me was unbelievable. I knew that I was not ready to become a mother on campus. I kept thinking about how my parents and boyfriend would react. I wondered how I was going to study and raise a child at the same time too. Eventually, I knew that I had to go to the hospital to receive confirmation from the doctor.

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