Drop Everything And Leave

  • Greetings All! I'm Opnn, I'm sure none of you know me from Facebook but that's OK. Today I to briefly talk to you about the conditions of our world (in relativity our reality). As you know, every face of the planet, except Antarctica, been colonized, perverted, and pillaged by different people different ethnic backgrounds. For us in the Western hemisphere, the face of our colonizers have been Europeans. The destruction of our people has lead to loss of language, intelligence, health, discipline, spirituality, and identity. The destruction is so bad to the point where we do it to ourselves consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously. Right now, a great deal of us have finally reached our breaking point and have become very proactive the fight against destruction. However the only thing is WE need to interstand what the system is, how it works, and who we are to it. The system is: designed to fail you, kill you, destroy you until you destroy yourself, and keep your colonizers (depending on where you're from, your colonizers could be Aryan or Dravidian (black ass Africans evolving in Europe to modern day Europeans) on top from cradle, to grace, to cradle AGAIN. The way the system works is: it uses everyday pleasures as forms of distractions to desensitize and pacify us BACK into compliance. Notice how there's always an intense wave of anger sweeping our community followed by a wave of things to make us forget. These distractions sometimes are not enjoyable: working at CVS, going to public school, living paycheck paycheck, returning home to a rental property -basically a stressor affecting your basic needs as an earthling. So in this system please understand that WE are employees, better yet, STILL SLAVES, in a global business. The majority of"plans" suggest basically adjusting the SAME SYSTEM such a way that it would stop harming us. While this is"cute" the reality of it is that, this will NOT stop the destruction taking place on metaphysical, spiritual, and embryonic levels. We have been on the plantation Long enough! Stop trying to save a burning house and just get the hell OUT! There are very few who understand how and why going off grid is THE SOLUTION. The financial moves we are making are wonderful and is a step in the right direction; however, if we're not using the money to liberate our people but instead to get an Al Capone grade slave quarters, THEN YOU'RE STILL SLEEPING! We've played rules already y'all. Wake up, get up, and toughen up. Yes this is way and yes this is a revolution. Get ready! Money,money, money! Land, land, land. Move, move, move! The brown people are already taking their land back. It's time we do the same. ***I just want y'all to think and to inspire guys about where's our ultimate goal should be. If you think for a minute that your oppressor is going to listen to any demands you make, I just want you to recheck history. It don't make no sense for us to still demand equality and we clearly have amendments and acts in place for our protection -what that tell you!?

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