Conscious Church Musician

  • Im giving my situation, I want to hear the opinions and thoughts of my brothers and sisters of this community. I was raised in church as a kid. My grandma would make me go every Sunday and I was active hella active in the church community. Im a musician, I play 4 instruments (piano, trumpet, euphonium and drum set). When I graduated high school, I went out of state for school and marched in band for 5 years. When I got to college, that was like my awakening from the matrix and I started learning more about myself and the true reality that we live in. Im not 100% woke, but Im definitely well into my journey. My family doesnt have much, so Ive always been a hustler, I used to have a few jobs at a time and I sell a variety of items (no drugs) on the side. In the meantine, I also started playing in churches for side money because they're typically hiring. Since Ive gotten so far in my journey, Im at the point where being in church makes me a little uncomfortable because of all the coonery that exists in black churches, but at this point, it's just a hustle for me. I understand that my relationship with all these churches, but I meet a lot of talented musicians and my network is a stronger as well. I just feel like Im doing people a disservice because I don't really keep relations with people I meet in church because we see the world too differently. I never used anybody or did anything bad to anyone at a church, but just that environment just always gets to me a little bit every time I go somewhere. Thoughts?

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