Body Scenario

  • Body scenario: follow along!
    This is how people think! I am trying to change that!!

    The body TALKS to us everyday! It talks and talks but we ignore it! When we ignore it, the body starts to YELL! We get irritated and go see a doctor to silence the chatter and to put a bandaid(s) over its mouth so you don't hear it!!
    The bandaid doesn't stick too good so the body starts to SCREAM at the top of its lungs!! We go to the doctor and have that part surgically removed so we don't have to hear it anymore!!
    But what we don't understand is all that TALKING was the body telling you it needs vitamins and minerals because it is DEFICIENT!!
    The body has many "mouths" that keep talking to you. You can only "remove" but so many!!
    God made us to heal naturally with NATURE! Natural food and supplements! Get it together!! Give your body what it needs. #iwynn
    Most people won't listen and say "I'm good"! Hahahahaha Right!
    Better start listening to your body people, you will pay for not listening, take the assessment now.

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