Those were a few words of our great president of the United States of American Mr Barak Obama as my wife and I watch with deep emotions going through us at the TV like nothing else in the world mattered at that time. If someone could of captured our concentration as the President spoke at the DNC convention last night it would of showed aw and admiration. The President gave the greatest heart felt speech one could ever hear last night. A few nights before his wonderful wife the first lady Michelle Obama also gave probably the best emotional and personal speech one could give while both making the case for Hilary Clinton to be the next President of the United States.

    Before the President walked on stage last night a video was shown to recap his time in office for the purpose that this would be his last convention speech before as he put it, pass the baton to his successor Secretary of State Mrs Hilary Clinton to be our next President of the United States. As soon as that video started to play, I knew that it would be a testament to the accomplishments during his time in office and I tweeted, "to those who do not think the President accomplished anything during his time in office you all should be watching the DNC convention right now." I dont care if your a democrat or republican a independent or socialist, if you seen this introduction video of the President and it did not move you in anyway to feel proud or give you a sense of the true character of our President then you have no idea or understanding of what a true leader is.


    That was a very powerful introduction and it spoke VOLUMES for Mr President. As I mentioned earlier the first lady Michelle Obama also gave a awesome speech the previous night. Although there were many profound statements made in her speech, I think the most profound is when she reflected on her as a mother raising her two beautiful girls in a house that was built by slaves. Information that I'm sure a lot of us did not know about the White House, I sure didn't.

    Every scenes Obama came into office I have become more and more interested in politics. One of the things I have learned is that politics can be a very emotional subject for many people. I have had a lot of debates and conversations with many people about politics and most of the time they have become heated or emotional. Many times I have proven my point and many times I had to stop because I just did not know enough information to keep the debate going and after research found myself to be wrong in a few cases. So this is why I have come to the conclusion to join my local Democratic club. I want to become more educated on what goes on in politics. The good the bad and the ugly.

    Now let me say this to those who support trump and really think about this and really get the jest of it. No leader in the world out side the united states wants trump to become our next president except the Russian president vladimir putin. Now either trump is ignorant to the reason for this or he has a terrible agenda for the US and vladimir is a part of that agenda. For whatever reason it is vladimir looks to use trump to gain some type of advantage over America because trump has expressed admiration for putin in many occassion and I think putin looks to capitalize on that. This will affect all of us including you trump supporters if trump becomes president. Trump supporters you all should really put that in perspective along with all the other nonsence trump spits out of his mouth and do some soul searching and make a decision based on morals and facts.

    So once again my people "DONT BOO, VOTE"

    Maurice Williams
    Independent Director of IDlife