explanation of the MLM business


    These are the great words of explanation of the MLM business by my IDlife colleague Marty Wynn:

    ‪#‎IDLife‬ if your in MLM Multi-Level Marketing, and your companies compensation plan structure is based on CV Commission Value. You will never ever maximize your full potential financially in MLM. This message isn't about getting you to join #IDLife, this is about helping you become aware of what I wasn't aware of being in a CV based business for 8 years. Some unfortunate things happened in my previous company, but it allowed me open up to other opportunities that I had no idea existed, It took me 8 years to switch companies. Like most serious people that join MLM, I joined for longevity I never looked, glanced, talked or championed another company. My prior company was a CV based compensation plan, I plan paid .20 cent to $4.00 on services sold within our organization. We were a white Label company, meaning we owned no product, no services normally we partnered with others companies, vendors etc. and place a value price above what the company negotiated. The representatives sold the service or product and the company, the vendors where paid first. The representative that sold service or product was paid last. To add insult to injury, if you held a lower position and sold the service or product you got paid the least and the higher ranking upline got paid more without any efforts. Being that this was my first introduction to MLM I thought this was how MLM/Network marketing worked, I was wrong. So why am I texting this, because we need to become more aware of the difference between CV vs Volume. We built large teams that are loyal to owners that aren't loyal to them. You only know what you know, for most people this is the only vehicle they've been in, there first crack at independency and being a part of something that feels great. New relationship, self development and finally they can dream again. They see flashy things in front of them and they work hard for it. The times have changed from when I joined that previous company. I still remember my first residual check after 90 days .16 cents, after 8 years of grinding finally we built over 30,000 team members and a very low 5 figure monthly residual income. Most would say for them, this income was unbelievable but we had 30,000 people that signed. I thought to myself, this couldn't be it. There's people that carried less then 1% of my potential and was making a $100k a month. They had less then 6,000 partners on there team, yet I stayed for the team, because I am loyal to my commitment. However , In October 2015 I decided to get into another vehicle. I could know longer sit back knowing what I knew, I cared to much about my team and as a leader I did what leaders do I shift to #IDLife . IDLIFE is company thats revolutionizing the health space. It's not just a start up company, it's financially sound and back by three Billionaires as if one isn't enough. It's a company thats bringing awareness to the importance of supplementation & Health. It's a volume base business, "Volume" mean the amount of cash flow coming into your Book of business. It's how real business is ran. Unlike my previous company it doesn't pay pennies on the dollar, It pays percentage on dollars. My. First 30 days not only I & the team achieve success, my residual income in 1 month was well over $3,000 dollars. After 9 month of joining IDLife I've exceeded and doubled what took me 8 year in my previous company to build, and its not with 30,000 new partners, it's not with old partners that's signed, it's with new faces and less than 1,500 new partners that's join the movement. I'm just giving you insight on the FACTS, I'm not bashing my previous company, I've learned a lot and I love my friends that are still there I built some unbelievable relationships that are still strong thriving today. My only purpose for writing this is to help bring awareness that change is urgent, be loyal to your business but be loyal to your dreams and yourself. If it hasn't work yet financially shift, if your debt load hasn't changed shift, of your children haven't been able to spend more time with you shift and if your team life hasn't changed financially shift. Development will happen that I can promise, but we join MLM to make money and have time freedom. I've gotten call telling me I've been in for 5, 6, 7 years and my residual is $11, $50, $124 dollars. You have the answer already, remember your WHY? I got out of the vehicle because it was no long working for me not the team, hype and promises on what's to come won't ever pay bills. It wasn't working for 98% of my partners and it still isn't. This top picture represents P.O.W.E.R I'm telling what is working, Do you see who's in it. What did we see that you don't. Collectively we had over $200,000 partners, we were all at the top. We help hundreds if not thousands of people achieve success and where doing it again, in a different vehicle, there is no comparison. Make a decision to be great, entrepreneur's, are you? Inbox me if your serious, IDLife is a health and wellness movement, I don't bash companies i'm stating fact. I want you to become as successful as you want to be. But to achieve true success in all areas you have to lock arms around champions and not hype. People that's are still broke after years in MLM is engineered, how is this possible when your a part of the best industry in the world. Bad compensation plan, horrible leadership it's never to late for change. Here's what I will leave you with. Whatever vehicle you decide to get into, make sure you can see how much your getting paid. Understand your worth, purchases make you believe you have self worth. Cars, Vacations, watches stuff, all of it is a debt. Don't get me wrong it's nice but I'll rather have the cash flow. #IDLife debt free, that's Mantra ‪#‎HealthyWealthyWise‬ we are here to stay, we won't sellout we are financially strong and we care about your success.

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