• There's a lot of confusion about ancient african spirituality. First, you need to learn "the language of the gods" "or "gods language" to even put everything in proper context. Be like Ashra Kwesi (youtube him) read it off the walls for yourselves. Learn from Rkty Amen, she is a master saba and an excellent educator. SUPPORT her by buying her books and taking her online class. I have several of her books. Imo conversational phrases was the best one for people starting out. ;


    Second, the focus of this thread is Kemetic spirituality (Kemetic science) which means you need the original stories. Not christianity, not islam, not judaism. We're going back tens of thousands of years. Those concepts didn't even exist yet. Read this book to get original gods, stories and concepts. The plagiarism will be evident


    Third, the book most people incorrectly know as the book of the dead (the book of coming forth by day) is a must read for a more direct view of the conduit with which other religions were created. Don't buy European copy and paste versions of earlier European mistranslated versions. Get this one, it's accurate. The author did her own translations and she's pro melanin.


    Fourth, the goddess Ma'at (balance, cosmic order) and isfet (chaos, disorder) there's waaaay too much to explain here so I'll put a video. Besides, the brother in the video does a better job than I would have


    Fifth, there are more than a few people who are, understandibly, too conditioned to ever give up or question the authenticity of christianity. This video is for you


    So is this one...


    Maat represents truth, balance, justice, and righteousness that a society brings about itself without waiting on some make believe character to come out of the sky to save them. So, on to the negative confessions. You know the watered down version as the ten commandments


    Now you need to understand who Heru is I think this book will provide a much clearer understanding of who Heru/Horus originally was. I like how the wuthor uses Christianity and islam as a bridge to teach people the truth based on what they currently have been taught.


    Now, black africans' obsession over the bible/quran scares us normal people... and how many african christians have ever even heard of this??


    #knowthyancestors #knowyourhistory at least ask what the kidnapped ancestors had as spiritual systems before they were kidnapped enslaved and forced to convert to christianity...


    Africans were not christians when they encountered the white men. If they were why did European have to send so many missionaries?? You don't convert people who are already following your religion! You don't have to do this to them.

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