questions to the big sistas

  • I Would like to know how many big sistas actually meet or have met and dated or married true quality men who treat them good.How many of you have met well educated business owners  and men who have no super addictions, hangups, mental problems laziness whorish or liars or women beaters? Most of my life I only seem to meet crazies drunks druggies homeless horn dogs stupid but super kind losers who "love a big girl" why is that? cause they think we will take anything just because we are big. one guy told me he date big gals cause they always got money saved cause they not dating roflll. im not super crazy i dont hang in bars not homeless dont have interest in drugs, im a veteran so yea i might have some hangups but do any of you sisters who are size 16 and up seem to be magnents for men who think your size means you are desperate? I seldom date i dont want men who stay in jail or commited some crime that keeps them from getting decent jobs but have had friends want to introduce me to fresh outta prison guys who alot of times have commited very serious crimes- and admit that they did it!! has anyone every sat back and noticed they met those types or noticed bigger friends or relatives attract them?

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