What Is Racism

  • via Olantunji Mwamba

    I was watching that idiot, Lil Wayne speak on the news show entitled, 'Nightline' from the other night. He says that he's never experienced Racism. This is because he doesn't know what Racism actually is. He doesn't know the difference between what Racism actually is versus what prejudice and bigotry are. We, the victims of Racism white-Supremacy must stop allowing the perpetrators of Racism white-Supremacy to control the narrative in the discussion of what Racism-white Supremacy actually is. We must define it ourselves. This is my approach to any such discussion on what Racism white-Supremacy is. However, of course, I welcome any and all additions to my narrative on this discussion. Here are the questions I always ask in such a discussion.

    Do Black people collectively own, control or influence any of these 9 Areas of People activity in the United States of America or anywhere else in the world where Caucasians dominate? Those 9 areas of people activity are:
    (1) Entertainment
    (2) Education
    (3) Economics
    (4) Sex
    (5) Labor
    (6) Law
    (7) War
    (8) Politics
    (9) Religion

    Let's deal with this honestly, shall we?
    (1) Entertainment---who owns all of the major Recording companies, Hollywood Studios, Radio Stations, Television Networks, Newspapers, etc.?
    (2) Education---Who funds, controls, and determines what will be taught in our Public schools?
    (3) Economics---Who owns all of the Major Multi-National Corporations?
    (4) Sex--Who is Subliminally Brainwashing Black people thru the Media on defining what sex actually is —white Sex and Culture?
    (5) Labor--Who owns, and controls the Major companies that employ the majority of people in this country
    (6) Law--Who makes the laws of this country? Who imposes those laws made, in this Country?
    (7) War-Who controls the Military Apparatus and determines the wars this country wages and against whom?
    (8) Politics---who controls the Politics of this Country and who influences it and where does that influence come from?
    (9) Religion---Who controls the Religious apparatus of this Country?

    The answer should be obvious. It isn't Black people who own, controls, or influences any of these 9 areas of people activities, that's for sure. If you are honest, you'll admit Black people don't own, control, nor influence any of them.

    Here's a quote from the explosive book entitled, "Two Nations: Black, White, Separate, Hostile And Unequal" by Dr. Andrew Hacker. His book is very informative, to say the least. He says,
    "Thus, Coleman Young, the Mayor of Detroit, a predominantly Black City, has argued that Blacks cannot be racists, for the simple reason that they are an oppressed people. Racism, he has said, should only be attributed to those who have the power to cause suffering. Racism takes its full form only when it has an impact upon the real world. While most white people may dispute the Mayor's reasoning, he raises an important point. If we care about Racism, it is because it scars people's lives. Individuals who do not have power may hold Racist views but seldom cause much harm. (No one cares if homeless people believe the Earth is flat.) The significance of Racism lies in the way it consigns certain human beings to the margins of society, if not painful lives and early deaths. In the United States, Racism takes its highest toll on Blacks. No white person can claim to have suffered in such ways because of ideas that may be held them by some Black Citizens. Ideas about equality and inferiority and superiority are not simply figments of people's minds. Such sentiments have an impact on how institutions operate, and opinions tend to be self-fulfilling. If members of a minority race are believed to deficient in character or capacities, the larger society will consign them to subordinate positions". --"Two Nation: Black, White, Separate, Hostile, And Unequal" by Dr. Andrew Hacker p 29.

    Finally, I'll leave you these two quotes to contemplate.

    "If you DO NOT know Racism (as white-Supremacy); what it is and how it works, everything else you understand will only confuse you".--Neely Fuller

    “The only form of ‘functional’ Racism that exists among people of the known Universe is white-Supremacy”.—Neely Fuller

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