Economic War On AmeriKKKa2


    FAMILY...eye know we are all moonlighting tryna get that extra $kissash$ for these pale skins hell-o-days we claim not to celebrate.

    But while we are on our missions...let us be mindful to commit this season in time to Ourselves.

    ***Starve The Beasts To Feed The Pride***

    In that we expect to be honoring of ourselves by participating in this upcoming boycott against the corporate giant of all the heathens...Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    Walmart is the beast we vow to bring under submission in demanding to call a halt to the murdering of us by these frontline racist foot soldiers we refer as kkkops. So let's get our armor on, weaponry loaded with our economic resolve to patronize only ourselves during the boycott period of...

    ***Thanksgiving Eve thru New Years Eve***

    Though time is of essence, patience adhered...we are compiling a list of alternative shopping venues for our shopping needs during this period! Also a flyer is forthcoming for printout to be distributed in our respective neighborhoods, schools, jobs, etc.

    PLEASE SHARE, SPREAD THE WORD..we are on Our mission of self-determination!

    A Luta Continua…

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