• Problem in the urban community, See this is the issue that I am running into. Thieves, people who steal. Break in your cars and homes with no remorse and take what people work very hard for. I hate thieves with a passion. I have had my home broken into twice and wiped out twice in the last three years and recently had my car broken into the day before yesterday. The sad part is how bold they are when they do it. So basically I want too create a militant force too protect the neighborhoods. I feel I need to open up a private security company that will work with the neighborhood watch program in every neighborhood and put some kinda task force created to body slam, snatch up and retrieve peoples property with out having too involve the police. I think this is something very important that needs too be implemented in hoods. I actually think that africa's best kept secrete of force is gang members. If they can be employed and properly trained. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, maybe we can start restructuring their way of thinking and living, by deprogramming and reprogramming creating a cause for a positive effect.