• Adopt it? Or drop it?


    1. I Am Black First. Before I am male, female, lgbt, rich, poor, skinny, or fat, I am First Black and all my allegiances are such.

    2. I will not engage in, display, support or propagate Anything that reflects my people negatively. This includes tv, radio, movies, plays, music, literature, social media, etc. I am Black First.

    3. I will spend My Money within My Community First. I will support my Own First because I am Black First.

    4. Everything I make for or sell to My People will not only be My Best, but Thee Best because I am Black First.

    5. I will not allow Anyone to talk down upon, discredit, disenfranchise or discriminate against Anything Black. I am Black First.

    6. I will educate my children, siblings, significant other, neighbors, friends, families and associates about real history, world history which is Black history. I am Black First. We are Black First.

    7. I will honor, cherish, respect and align all My Allegiances with Black People, My People. I am Black First, We are Black First.

    8. I understand having Black Pride does not negate anything or anyone else, but rather foster self-respect while uplifting all people to understand and respect Black People, My People. I am Black First, We are Black First.

    9. I will handle issues about My People, My Community WITHIN My Community First. I am Black First, We are Black First. (No media, law enforcement, politician, political ties, etc. can speak about Black Issues without A Black Representative). I am Black First, We Are Black First.

    10. My people are My Priority. I am Unapologetically Black.

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