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    Okay, so I read a lot & am sharing to help those who need to start somewhere about the history of the Bible. So technically (in MY opinion) the bible was not REcreated to enslave blacks, it was to enslave poor people mentally so poor people would keep putting money in church. (Robinhood stole from the rich and gave to the poor and the church was corrupt behind the people's back). Blacks were an unfortunate side effect. In the 1400-1500's, many people could not read & Gutenburg had barely just invented the printing press so people had to go to church to hear the Word (in England). OK, let's say between 1350(ish) to 1600(ish), 15 or so different "scholars"*, all whom generally had different beliefs and lived in different time periods, put their twist on translating the Bible into English.
    The book from which the first guy, Wycliffe, attempted to translate from was the Latin Vulgate. The pope of that time era was so unhappy with the atrociously terrible translation that he dug the guys bones up after he died. The pope basically said he did not deserve to rest in peace.

    Now, also during the 14 & 15 hundreds, colonization was spreading out from England to everywhere. (Back in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue). Before colonization, there was no need of slaves or knowing how to read; men fed & took care of their own families without anyone else's help and caring less about book education. When England (&Pinky &the brain) tried to take over the world, they are the ones that basically started white supremacy (MY opinion) while trying to colonize the world and make every culture on every continent do everything the English way. (England English not American English). This is pretty much the only history all races of kids in Amerikkka learn from kindergarten to 12th grade -and- when we learn it it is portrayed as the Englishman de-savaging whoever was already in Amerikkka. But that's a whole nother soap box.

    Originally, Irish people were slaves by England. In the interim of hoe hoppin around the globe (&I am putting A LOT of history in a few sentences here), England devils found black people, figured out they could tolerate the sun better than white slaves, and possessed a fitter frame with superior stamina. Due to those details, African slaves cost 10 x's more than Irish slaves. White supremacists being who they are, always find a way to cheat so they started making Irish women procreate with African men thus starting a booming slave trade by creating an "African" for less and selling him for more (aka the economy). Study the global history of slave trading because there's way more than what we are taught in black history or school history (in America).

    And......back to King James we go. Remember, the first English translation was emphatically sub par so a lot of political turmoil resulted for years. Hence, King Henry, Queen Mary, Martin Luther, etc, etc, etc, and tons of bloodshed throughout the Middle Ages. This bloodshed - or a lot of it - circles around translating the Vulgate and King James book of Demonology (or Deaemonologie) which was NOT a Satanic bible. Back then, Monarchs were thought to be divine and/ or appointed by God (1&2 Samuel - God gives Israel King Saul. No matter what Saul does, David refuses to harm the Lord's Anointed --->> this is a side note, King James did not make it up...or at least MY opinion is that he didn't). Anywho, Anyone opposing the way Monarchs wanted to do things was seen as an agent of the devil. Those accused of witchcraft were burned alive, but much of it wasn't necessarily witchcraft. Accusing a person of witchcraft was an easy way to get them killed; therefore the government accused contradictive citizens. Some lady tried to kill King James. He had her killed and wrote the book of Demonology as a guide to classify & identify witches, in turn simplifying witch hunting, apprehending opposition, and killing those whom King James thought wanted to overthrow his reign.Through the time period from Wycliffe to AFTER King James to Englishmen leaving England for New England (aka America) the Bible had been rewritten & rewritten & rewritten some more. I have never read the Vulgate, but from what I have read in numerous books, there was no such thing as slavery in the original "religious" books (the Latin Vulgate is not the only one). ALL of the English "scholars"* twisted translation after translation in political corruption so that when the first Bible was translated in Amerikkka while the 13 colonies were being established now included slavery. (Side facts: the first Bibles were translated to American Indian when the Bible came to Amerikkka. 80 books of the Bible turned into 66 cause of the England devils.)

    I'm getting tired of typing so I'll bring this to a quick conclusion. Somewhere in history Ireland told Britain to go eff themselves and fought for their independence. This is why Africans stayed slaves and the white Irish did not. African slaves were brought to Amerikkka, built this country and eventually won their "freedom".

    ^this is not a college paper, it's a fb post, I could care less about syntax and/or structure
    *scholars in the paragraph doesn't mean the profession was actually a scholar*

    I am not rich, I do not own a lot of books. I own a library card. Please, get yourself one and don't take my word for anything in this post, go figure it out for yourself!!!! Please feel free to correct me if you feel like I'm wrong.

    Tush Lowry

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