• About Prince Hall Freemasonry: From The Desk Of Amun Ka Lakus:

    - You have no knowledge of the charters, orders & rites of neither Prince Hall, Universal Brotherhood, nor The Nuwaupian Grand Lodge.

    - Prosidering (never a con) that men like Albert Pike never took the Egiptian initiate, how could Caucasoid freemasonry ever...EVER know more than the people who started the craft?
    - What Caucasoid could open the 9th gate to unlock the secrets bes kept sacred?

    And no matter how hard you try to google-doctorate your way out of it, each time you speak you show how much you do not know by claiming that you do.

    Since you think them white boys know more than us,(LOLOLOL), Tell me... Oooops, PLEASE tell me where they got their charter? Who gave it to them? What year?

    Prince Hall masons worship white masons. That's why they continue to beg the lodge of great Britain for a charter

    We are NOT Asiatics. We are Afaf Rayay Akan. African. 

    The original Asiatics were the Hindu. 

    They were the original "black" man. We are the brown man.

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