How to manage black communities

  • How to manage black communities

    What if black America were populated with those who possessed the intellectual capacity of Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Angela McGlowan, and Carol M. Swain? 

    Well, this will get me labeled a racist:

    The best way to manage black people is through family planning.

    The objective isn't to control blacks, but to create a black community that is self sufficient, relatively crime free, and not dependent on white people.

    Aside from our national neurosis that compels us to embrace denial as a high moral attribute when applied to America's black culture, the obvious fact is that black Americans, as a whole, have a difficult time taking care of themselves.

    Think Detroit.

    The Michigan State Senate is pondering the possibility of dissolving the city because its populace, which is 82.7% black, can't take care of itself. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, there is a never-ending battle to absorb the white donut communities as cash cows to cover the cost of that city's infrastructure.

    The plans are essentially the same in that they appeal to the white community to shore up black failure. They differ in that the Detroit plan is considered racist because it takes control out of black hands and places it in white hands. The Atlanta plan is deemed social justice because it takes cash out of white hands and places it in black hands.

    What is true of Detroit and Atlanta is true of virtually ever city in America where blacks dominate local affairs. Not only do black-run governments suffer economically, they also are plagued with rampant violent crime.

    So what is the solution?

    Abraham Lincoln considered repatriation as a viable solution. The perspective at the time was that blacks were hapless, helpless, hopeless dotes who were a burden on our culture. Black Americans would simply be shipped to Africa. Marcus Garvey, a black leader of the early 20th century, agreed and aggressively sought to persuade blacks to set sail for the dark continent. He had a few takers, but not very many.

    The Red Summer of 1919 attempted to control black crime by force of violence. White mobs responded to black violence -- particularly rape -- by pounding on black folks. Needless to say, the prospect of white people spending their summers beating the crap out of black criminals isn't a viable solution.

    We tried Jim Crow, the purpose of which was to protect white people from violent black crime, but even if Jim Crow had survived (and it does in shopping malls), the underlying root problem of black crime, violence and economic under-performance would still prevail.

    Margaret Sanger tried eugenics, as did Sir Francis Galton. They figured the black problem could be resolved by killing off blacks through attrition. That is, if blacks would stop making babies, the black problem would disappear within a generation. Problem solved.

    Sanger's concept became known as planned parenthood, a polite and palatable term for human breeding. I prefer the term 'family planning,' and that brings us full circle.

    While social engineers busied themselves concocting bald-faced lies to excuse their inflictions of social justice (socialism), the noted psychologist, Arthur Jensen, addressed the real problem: Intelligence.

    Jensen's studies proved that nearly all violent crime is committed by persons with IQs between 70 and 90. Race was not a factor.

    Famed geneticist Richard Lynn figured that if blacks with low IQs voluntarily stopped breeding, allowing only blacks with high intelligence to make babies, the economic and crime disparities between black and white communities would disappear. Lynn actually suggested paying blacks with low IQs to forfeit child bearing.

    Lynn's proposal is the most viable, though it will likely never be implemented. It is possible; it's just not probable.

    The Lynn proposal would effectively result in a black super race. Over assessment? Probably. But the prospect of a black community that is self-sufficient runs afoul of socialists who need to keep blacks dependent and, therefore, stupid. Lynn was promptly labeled a racist as was Jensen and anyone else who dares tell the truth.

    Again, what if Detroit were populated with blacks who possessed the intellectual capacity of Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Angela McGlowan, and Carol M. Swain? What if the black riders on Atlanta's MARTA system were black intellectuals? What if young blacks were intellectually equipped to be engineers, scientists, and medical researchers rather than gang bangers, basketball players and rappers? What if groups of black teens intimidated white people with their intellectual prowess rather than the prospect of violence? What if future generations of blacks were shop owners rather than shoplifters? What if bleeding-heart liberals could no longer blame black crime on handguns? What if blacks stopped killing each other and others? What if blacks were difficult to understand, not because of ebonics, but because of their advanced vocabularies? What if Affirmative Action programs were rendered pointless? What if whites welcomed black neighbors because of their propensity to keep tidy lawns and polite behavior? What if business owners appealed to black patrons, not because they feared discrimination lawsuits, but because free markets demanded it? What if black people were known as good tippers? What if Democrats could no longer buy black votes with government handouts, but were forced to attract black votes with promises of tax cuts? What if crime-ridden housing projects were replaced with high-priced black condo communities and miles of manicured lawns owned by intelligent black people?

    The economic disparity would not only be erased, it would be reversed. Blacks would no longer be giddy absorbers of government handouts, but would be reluctant contributors of taxes. City schools would no longer be struggling to meet basic educational requirements, but would be competing to attract the brightest students. Gripes about gun laws would vanish because the community that abuses handguns would be transformed into a productive environment rather than a drug-driven gang culture.

    Lynn's suggestion was to pay black folks with low IQs to make fewer or no babies. And there is no reason to restrict such a program to blacks.

    The challenge, of course, is to implement such a program. And that, we all know, isn't going to happen.