Who I Admire

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    So Many FUCKEN Worshipers of The DEAD Amongst Us. Now I Have As Much Respect as Anyone for The Dead And All They Brought To This World, But 

    I Have A Major Dilemma With All Of These Supposed Enlightened Folks Being Only Able To Give Props to The Dead and REFUSE To Acknowledge The POWERS Amongst Us That Are Alive and Well.

    So Many People Have Fallen VICTIM To GRAVE Teaching From Jesus to Tupac, Malcolm, Dr. Khalid, Dr. King and On and On and On.... Everyone Talks the Same SHYT What if So and So Was Still Alive, or Man SHYT Wouldnt Be Like That if More Men were like HUEY or So and So. PLEASE Miss Me With All The Death Shyt and Let us All Speak on Life, But NEVER Lose Respect for the Dead. The LIVING are A Million Times More Likely and Capable to Help Us Today Over ANY of The DEAD, and Please Miss me with all The Spiritual Conversations and Powers of This and That. Save That Shyt Save That Shyt (In My Ice T New Jack City Voice)

    So With Respect To All of The Dead and The Ancestors, I Decided To Put A List Together of The 10 Most Influential and Motivational People in MY Life Today. (This is Minus My Family Members and All The People I Come in Contact With Daily or in My Life.) This List Consist of National Figures Alone, And Just Because They are On The List Doesnt Mean I Believe, Agree Or Follow Everything They Say. I Am A GOT DAYUMN Man at the End of The Day Who Can Make My Own Decisions. Here is My TOP 10

    10. KANYE WEST No I Dont Agree With All of His Antics and Hardly None of His Fashion, But I Respect His Confidence his Consciousness and His Success. Take it or Let it Alone He is a Hip Hop Giant

    9. WARREN BALLENTINE For My Money the Best Media Personality We Currently Have. Young Black Man With A Degree in Law 

    8. Dr. STEVE PERRY Founder, Educator and Principal of A School in Conn. Also Renowned Author Taking Extremely Serious The Education of The Black Youth. Not Talking About it, But Being About It.

    7. EARL GRAVES SR. Founder of Black Enterprise Magazine and The Man Who Motivated Me With His Style, Look, and Expertise in Business to Undergo My Own Business Ventures

    6. DR. NAIM AKBAR Psychologist Extraordinar. This Brother Single Handedly Got Me Through My Entire Prison Term. I Read EVERY One of His Books, and When I was Released was fortunate Enough to Meet him and Thank Him. He Describes or Psyche Like None other I have heard.

    5. MICHELLE OBAMA This Sista is BAD. Lawyered up And Holds Down the Most TROUBLED Man in The World. I Love Everything I See This Sista Represents. Pure Intelligence and Beauty Infinite.

    4. BARACK OBAMA I Mean Dayumn He is Only a Brotha Who KICKED Harvards Ass and Became President of The United States. His Work Ethic and Intelligence CAN NOT Be questioned, But again the Disclaimer.... FUCK His Politics.

    3. FLOYD MAYWEATHER Yeap Thats Right #3 Floyd. This Dude is Arguably The GREATEST Athlete I Have Ever Seen. I Have Seen NO One With His Work Ethic. His Success is Unquestionable, and YES I Do Like KASH. I dont agree with all his antics and wasteful spending, but HE earned Every Penny He Got, and His Confidence is OFF The Charts.

    2. DR. CLAUDE ANDERSON Im into Accounting, Finance, Economics, Dollars and Math. This Is My FUCKEN Mentor on Every Level. I have Never Heard anyone deal with Economics Better Than this Man. I LOVE IT

    1. And It Aint Even Close

    MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN This is The Strongest Man I Have Ever Seen. BAR NONE. His Intelligence is GODLY, His Insight PROFOUND and His Love For The PEOPLE is UNMATCHED. This MAN Saved My Life, or I would Still Be Doing BLACK WATCH Beating People, Robbing Dope Houses and Trying To Kill Crack Heads and Police. He Showed Me How To MANAGE Anger and Agression and The WORLD Should Be Thankful


    What Does Your List of The Living Look Like???? Or Are You One of The Worshipers of The DEAD??????!!!???