• August 12, 2012

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    Los Angeles, CA– When I was sitting thinking of a name for my site that I later named, I tried to think of something that would make people think good things about black people and also give a sense of pride to black people that joined the site. I recently came across a picture with a title that one friend posted that concerned me some.  The picture was of a statue called “The Good Darkey” and the title was Sambos, Coonery-Buffonery and Racist Ads. I decided to write about those topics because I felt that someone had to.

    Let’s talk about the statue itself first. Jack Bryan, a White banker and businessman in Natchitoches, Louisiana wanted “do something big for the Negro;" so he had a statue of a black male with a posture suggesting deference and dependence on whites. This was highly contested by the African American community. Bryan’s true meaning behind the statue was to be a reminder of what he felt was proper black subservience and white supremacy. Knowing the statue was not something seen as a good thing in the Black community, and fearing an incident at a time when Natchitoches was struggling to maintain good black/white relations, the city removed the statue in 1968. It was eventually moved to the LSU Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, where it remains today. It took the 41 years to figure out this wasn’t a well-received (to black people) statute. This is not the first such monument or “thing” that whites have built or sold degrading black people. They used to sell happy Nigger soap and toothpaste with a big smiling black man on the front. Don’t forget the history of Aunt Jemima, Rastus the cream of Wheat man and Uncle Ben. Whites in most cases don’t have anything good for black people. They have been the most disagreeable, hateful people on the planet to deal with.

    A Sambo is a sell out; an overseer or a look out for white people. He/she is always the one running back to tell master or any white person if/when/ what the other blacks are/were doing. “Massa say, house nigga say,we sick”,that’s a sambo in a nutshell. There are many people today that “I” consider sambos.  Since most will cry about me using their names, lets just say that you can place a dart board on the wall and place any given modern day rapper, a few actors and a few Athletes pictures on it and throw darts and never miss a sambo. They are embarrassments to real black people and their meeting with their maker dates can’t come quick enough.

    A Coon is similar to a sambo because they both are sell outs to white thinking and conditioning. They don’t really like being around black people or black “things” because they don’t want to be seen as pro-black. Examples- of Roles or advertisements were black people act like coons are when they are playing basketball and someone comes up with some chicken and they stop playing, rapping about their love for some product like a hamburger or soda, they are obsessed with money, cars and women to name a few and they have to have a lot of half-naked women in their videos or advertisements. ONCE again, I could name names, but I think you know whom I’m talking about. This is not only for the men, women can be coons also.

    The last thing I wanted to talk about is racist ads on TV. Its funny that just in recent years blacks have not been the first to be killed in movies, partly due to the fact that blacks had accounted for a big portion of Movie and Tv watchers. Coons are always the black people who are skinning and grinning on TV. No matter what the Product, the Coon is always smiling. I just saw a commercial on tv for a popular insurance company, (they have a lizard as a spokes animal). They had a body builder in the middle of the street as a traffic officer posing and SMILING; always smiling.

     Coons, Sambos, Niggers (yes I said it again) And the like do real black people no good. They are a pimple on the butt of progress. They are one of the contributing factors to the death of Malcolm, Martin, Medgar and others who have tried to lead our people out of the darkness of dependence into the light of self-reliance.  The aforementioned can’t conceive life without their master being right over their shoulder.  Mr. Bryan thought it was funny to erect a statute to black subordination; I say that we show him the flip side of that statute. It is the HOUR that god has commanded for us to start work.  It is TIME we take our independence. We have to do this NOW.


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