Pimps in the Pulpit

  • July 31, 2012

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    Pimps in the Pulpit

    Los Angeles, CA– It has come to the attention of the members of that there are winds of change blowing in America when it comes to black people. Ever since our “curious” situation in this country started, we have had to fight, scrape, claw and cry for everything we have with little to no help from others, mainly depending on our unwavering love and admiration for the god of our oppressor. Christianity was thrust upon us as a way of mental control. As Napoleon Bonaparte Stated “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich”. Replace poor with slave and rich with Master and you see how we got into this position. In Modern times, religion is used more as a get rich quick scheme and the mentally weak are the ones caring for the “anointed ones” of god.

    Jesse Jackson, the former right hand man to Martin Luther King Jr. has not carried on the work of MLK in regards to getting black people to the Promised Land. knows that he is a modern day Judas, selling out King’s dream and his people for a few pieces of silver and his life. His is a coward unfit to lead even himself.  Not to step all over Jesse’s accomplishments; he did run for President twice in the 80’s and has been an integral part in many hostile world situations, but when it comes to having that fire MLK had, he is a bic lighter in the fight for black rights.

    He is not alone. T.D. Jakes and Creflo Dollar both are the “Macks” (ode to the 70’s movie) of the pulpit foreal. They both, according to are worth an estimate $45 million dollars; that’s some major preaching. Riddle me this; if you are supposed to be a follower of Christ, aren’t you supposed to be “Christ-like”? These people are far from Christ. Maybe anti-Christ might be more like it. Creflo Dollar seems to be the same way; taking money from the extremely ignorant and mentally vulnerable and living way past well with it. A pastor should live no better than his worst off member, in my opinion.

    Now we come to Eddie Long. Mr. Long is the devil in black face. This man has single handedly done a church Sandusky to a couple of boys and has the nerve to still be in the pulpit “leading” a flock. Those people need their heads examined, but moving on.  At its height, his church had 25,000 members and loyal followers around the world but after he decided to start fornicating with boys that number dropped. What kind of man of god is this? I’m not the first one to throw stones, but the bible does speak against same sex relations. For anyone to follow anyone of the aforementioned is ridiculous. These men live off of the mental instability of others. Black people have enough problems to worry about. Sitting around, and that’s what you do in these mega churches, sit around for hours praying to god to help you without any action on your own save for you giving a percentage to a man that can’t do anything different for you than you can do for yourself is akin to mental instability. Those people are being pimped. A pimp puts his women on the street and makes them work for him and bring the money back to him. He gives them the promise of protection but in actuality, she would be better off working for herself by herself; same thing people in church can do.

    Al Sharpton. What can I say about Al Sharpton. Only time I can think of seeing him is when a camera is on or around. He is an ambulance chaser of sorts. He is everywhere a good story is. They even parodied him on the Show the Boondocks; Ceelo Green played a pastor likened to Al chasing the story of little Riley freeman being called the “N” word. I don’t know what kind of preacher Sharpton is, especially now that he has switched teams and is now backing gay marriage. I don’t know where in the bible it says anything about man/man and woman/woman marriage, but I guess in Obama’s and Sharpton’s bibles it’s in there. Black people have not achieved that level of respect or political power that gays or other groups have, but Sharpton is riding on any train he can to keep his name out there. This is not a man of the god of the bible; he is a man of the god in your pocket (money).

    These preachers are guilty of committing mental and financial genocide on their people. They live in sprawling mansions paid for with the blood, sweat, tears and Dollars of their members while many of those same members get thrown out of their homes in order to keep the “anointed one” living truly amazes me that this practice is still legal, all you need is a bible, a few people to listen to you and a business license and you are off and running collecting money for the lord.

    Minister Farrakhan, love him or hate him has decided to take his mission back to the streets. He is going out into the community speaking directly to the lost/ found people instead of waiting for them to come to him. Where are Jesse, Creflo,  Al, T.D. and Eddie?? Too busy going on book tours?  Too busy driving their Rolls Royce’s? Too busy having sex with children in the church? Too busy trying to get a new TV show? These people need to be treated just like pigs were in Jesus’ day; cast out of the temple to never return. I am of the Opinion

    We here at are asking all awake at the wheel black people to get your family, friends, associates, etc. away from these people quickly. If they are not helping you, they are hurting you.  TO THE ABOVE MENTIONED, WE SEE YOU.WE KNOW YOUR EVIL INTENTIONS. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. YOUR TIME IS UP, HOURTIME(IS)NOW.