• Brothers and Sistas, let us begin from the beginning to explain what Black is. Why are you Black? You are Black because you have MELANIN. MELANIN is a carbon that does not deteriorate over time. It is produced by an enzyme called MELATONIN and for melatonin to produce melanin it needs a catalyst enzyme known as TYROSINESE 7. If you have no Tyrosinese 7 you cannot have Black Skin. In biology lack of melanin is called albinoism. Melanin is responsible for how you walk, talk, coordinate, controls fatigue, aging, it also controls the healing process, protects you against the ultra violent rays of the sun and the excess energy from the earth. Melanin also gives you dominant genes. It is this melanin that the father of European genetics Gregor Mendel used to work out the experiment that based on a strict study of recessive and dominant genes if we had began with White people we never would have got Black people, since a recessive can never produce a dominant. Not two white goats can produce a black goat, no two white cows can produce a black cow, but two Black goats or cows can produce any color of cows. whereas white people can not produce black people but Black people can produce white people. Melanin is the most powerful thing a person can have, it is more important than Diamond, which is formed out of melanin. Black is is not only beautiful it is powerful.

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